Cabaret "Moulin Rouge" in Paris


Cabaret "Moulin Rouge" ("Red Mill") completely changed the idea of ​​the night clubs of Paris. Erased the boundary between the low and high, shows and art, vulgar representations have become a symbol of refined taste. "Moulin Rouge" opened its doors to people, belonging to a variety of classes. Among his visitors were people from the middle class, and aristocrats, Parisian bohemians and intellectuals.

original quadrille, received later the name "Fr.ancuzskij cancan ", It has become the main attraction of "Moulin Rouge". Its popularity has become theater as soon as possible, and has all Paris talked about nothing. You also can see it enough just to buy a ticket to Paris and receive a Schengen visa. We help you can get here in the design of this visa

French dancers from Paris' popular cabar

"Moulin Rouge" caught the mood of the then living in Paris. Look at the extraordinary and stunning beauties sought all. la Goulue, Reyon d'Or, Nini-Pat-en-l'Er - some of the best dancers of the time. Doors "Moulin Rouge" were opened until until the First World War.

Re-opened its doors to theater only 1921 year, is now becoming a music hall. It is at the stage “Moulin Rouge” born of the twentieth century many celebrities such as, Morris Shevalye, Edith Piaf, Elton John, Jean Gabin, Liza Minnelli and Michael Baryshnikov.

Today the word "cabaret", of course, all associated with "Moulin Rouge". It is worth noting, that the world-famous cabaret brought French cancan performed by beautiful dancers. Already millions of viewers over a hundred years, come from all over the world, to look at the legendary cancan. Today, however, "Moulin Rouge" is not the place, where before going all bohemian Paris: Pparis_moulinrouge_007rokurennye halls, where visitors drink absinthe, a favorite cancan dancer could be summoned. In those days there were no rehearsals, no scenery: all theater was a common scene for noisy drunken fun.

"Moulin Rouge" now, Firstly, postanovochnoe show. Idleness and fun atmosphere in the theater is still preserved, but the modern theater – elite institution, which also dancing the famous French cancan.

Today in Paris, many of these institutions, or even institutions with more vivid and rich program, but "Moulin Rouge" is the most popular and sought-after Paris cabaret.

Rhinestones, feathers, tinsel, luxurious costumes, decorations, elegant music, best girls - all of this contemporary "Moulin Rouge", which still remains a place, where you can feel the atmosphere of a mysterious Paris.


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