How and by whom drawn zodiac horoscope?

How and by whom drawn zodiac horoscope?

Originally, the word "horoscope" meant not at all, that seems to modern man, when it comes to just about drawing a map of the past or the future, that is, the prediction of fate. Previously called a horoscope is a schematic representation of the basic cosmic bodies (The sun, Moon, Earth), which allows you to watch over ancient astrological instruments. The first horoscope, drawn up in Mesopotamia began in the fifth century AD and got such a strong spread, that still excite the minds of any of a million people.

How and by whom horoscopes, especially modern, for example, as the zodiacal horoscope 2017 year? Previously, it was clear, because this type of activity engaged in exclusively practicing astrologer. It was some map, which is also called natal. It consists of a circuit, on which, knowing the location of the heavenly bodies at the time of the birth of a specific person, as well as the time and the geographical location of the point, where the person was born, You can read the fate of the individual.

It plays an important role directly personal astrologer experience. Previously, astronomers were valued precisely their age and years of practice: The more people involved in this, the, respectively, more accurately it can calculate your destiny. Special honor famous for royal astrologers, serving families, occupying the highest position in society. Their services are not only highly individual, but also very well paid for in. At one time, every self-respecting member of an elite society held at the court of the personal astrologer.

Now replace the man came to the computer. compose natal chart with the help of a computer does not make much difficulty, and read it will help certain expenditure program, which easily decipher for everyone their destiny with the required accuracy.

Why is it often so different horoscopes? The thing is, as in the old days, when drawing up the horoscopes were just human hands, horoscope very different among themselves. Everything depended on the astrologer, who took up the matter. Now the situation is about the same. Programs for computers as people write, and astrological programs are made with the participation of professional astrologers (if, of course, program too professional). And every astrologer comes exclusively from their own experience in dealing with such issues.

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