How to immigrate to the United States through the green card.

How to immigrate to the United States through the green card.

How green card helps to immigrate to the US?

The US is so popular country for immigration, that invented its own lottery, which allows the lucky draw the winning ticket and discover all the features of the US population. All possible ways of immigration to the US, see the link , in this article we will discuss the most cherished way. We'll talk about winning a green card.

What is a green card (Green Card)?

Green card, this document, which allows a person to live in the US, with all the rights, except the right to vote in elections. The owner of a green card can live, work, to start a family, receive training, start a business. About, how to get a green card, see the link . Green card can be obtained not only by winning the lottery. Lottery, this is just one of the ways. Actually, lottery can be obtained in the following ways:

  1. Marry, or marry a man, which has US citizenship;
  2. Make investments in the United States economy. investment amount should not be less than 500.000$:
  3. Obtaining a green card, after working for a US employer. After two years of successful work and after submission of the application, you can obtain a residence permit;
  4. Family reunification. If you have close relatives, who have the citizenship, or residence permit in the United States, then you also have the chance to get a green card;

The process of producing green card, and steps in the US immigration.

The application is usually served in a lottery in the fall of each year,, in May next year, people get the first results. These results are complemented still for a long period, until the end of the quota. The number of cards issued by the lottery green limited, it is only fifty thousand pieces. Sometimes it happens, that people win on stage, still do not receive a residence permit. This can generally be associated with the, that's his turn to the interview comes at the end of the current draw of the lottery and to the point, all green cards are distributed to the previous candidates and their relatives. therefore, if you have received notification that, you won, do not hurry to rejoice. You can only be happy after, how to pass a job interview. At the interview you need to collect a large number of certificates and documents. Must pass an extensive medical examination. The last step is the interview with the consul. At the interview stage,, main show , that you are the appropriate person, you have the money first, to live in the US, as well as your health is at a good level.

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