As the vocabulary of English words?

As the vocabulary of English words?

Anyone, object language, faced with a situation, when in conversation difficult to fully express his thoughts, because he did not know some of the words.

Small vocabulary is a common cause to suspend the further training. On the size of the vocabulary depends on the freedom to express thoughts.

The easiest way to top up your English, consider visiting group classes for the study of a foreign language. If you are a resident Samara region, then it is necessary to know the prices for the courses of English in Samara.

Five rules for replenishment vocabulary

If you memorize new words correctly, then the learning process will be easy, and the level of knowledge significantly increase, and you will not forget what you have learned. several recommendations:

  1. Designate a list of words on a theme. Studying the lexical terms, which are united by one theme, much easier, than to learn everything in a row. To better remember you must choose 5-10 simple expressions, which relate to a single theme. Например, building, Food, Job, medicine, etc.
  2. You must choose a theme, interesting and necessary for you. It makes no sense to memorize the parts of the car, when you do not encounter this theme in the life of. Further, work every word from the list, for a better development, and constitute an offer to them.
  3. Learn commonly used expressions. there are terms, which are needed every day, and there are those - which sound quite rare. Much more useful to study what, that vastrechaetsya daily. Например, in the theme of "shopping trip" to include values: products, hygiene products, buy, price, a discount, surrender and other.
  4. Look at the things, who are near. Look around your house, workplace, park. That you saw? call all, and if there are terms, who do not know, write them down. Soon you own word list will be drawn up.
  5. Teach at a time smaller volume, but carry out this process on a daily basis. Why learn a lot of words, If after a week you already do not remember them? Do not take immediately 50-60 values. It is much easier to learn 15-20, but it's good to work on them.

Effectively vocabulary of English offers you a linguistic center «English Time». In our studio, working professionals, who know their stuff. English language school is located in Samara, Our teachers will help you to learn new knowledge. For more information about the modern language school can be found on the company's website - Do not put off training for later, You can call us today and register for classes of English at any level. Studio «English Time» will offer an individual approach to employment and convenient schedule of visits.

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