How to produce a vacuum chamber?

How to produce a vacuum chamber?

There is a technique, which can be called "the future in the present" on the right. One of these devices - high vacuum chamber. It is able to create a completely airless space inside, that is widely used for testing vehicles space industry, in the production of various coating and vacuum drying any materials. But how do you create a "miracle"?

Manufacture of the outer part

This part of - one of the most important, because the slightest error in the figures camera fails to create a vacuum. Its shell is made of a metal alloy, having high strength. Each manufacturer creates his own unique recipe. Thereafter, in the attachment point of the vacuum pump (devices, deflate) put seals. Without them vacuum Technology will skip the external gases. chamber cover made of the same alloy, and that the shell, and additionally sheathed seals. The outer part is ready!

inside the chamber,

But, of course, "Stuffing" of the device is inside. The main part of it can be called a vacuum pump. It pumps out all the gases from the chamber, creating a vacuum. In the chamber is further heated during this process, and you want to put a special cooling elements, to provide proper operation of the device. Also it is located within a plurality of sensors, responsible for the sealing process. It monitors the temperature of the camera, the amount of remaining gas, time to completion, close fitting parts to each other, and much more - there is a process, that it is necessary to control the entire, one hundred percent.

Those things, that previously seemed wonders, is now a reality. And they brought to life not by magic, and thanks to the work of many people and settlements. And if we know, arranged as a "miracle", the, can say, and themselves become "wizards".

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