How to cope with seasickness?

How to cope with seasickness?If you want to take a ride on the Ferris wheel, but remember that the fear of height, or if you have a need to make a flight on a plane. And if you have been dizziness and nausea, then travel with you can be napryazhenka. If you have not seen it all you lucky. If yes then you are one of those 33% the world's population, who have been seasick. This article will be useful to, who suffer from this "disease". We will tell you today that, how to prevent it.

Seasickness, first of all, It manifested as nausea and dizziness, as well as fatigue and sleepiness and anxiety. In general, there are also common and are not comfortable in terms of health while traveling by car train or plane. Also, symptoms are manifested in various forms of amusement.

It was found that, that women suffer from such a disease are much more likely, than men. testing children was conducted by 4 to 12 лет. They may also be susceptible to the disease, if their parents the same problem is observed, as they. That is, the disease is hereditary. In order to timely prevent the symptoms of seasickness and development easier for them to transfer you need to follow some rules.

During a trip to any of the above modes is to choose a place, which will allow to have maximum stability. In the car the best place in the front right of the driver, and in the plane in the front portion thereof. On the boat, or any other form of transport is best to choose a place in the center or nearby;, and the upper deck.

Before the trip should not eat too much. The recommendations should be followed during the use of fat and meat dishes, and spicy food. All of these can cause vomiting. In addition to this is not to drink alcohol and drink more fruit juice and water.

If you feel, that feeling again rolls and you feel bad, try closing your eyes and distract. This can help to transfer trip. In addition, you can just listen to your favorite music.

It is best that you sit by the window, in plane, and a car and a train.

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