How to survive in the wild, not having anything to yourself

How to survive in the wild, not having anything to yourself

There are situations, When a person comes very quickly abandon the banal and comfortable life in civilization, and most often it is the salvation of the disaster at the beginning of the war, or revolutionary action on the street, well, or for any other reason. The reasons for these can be simply sea. There is one similarity, namely, the, in the first place one thinks about how to save his life at the moment, not thinking about, that would create a meal, water and items, and most importantly, to prepare a set of survival even for the first time. When it manages to hide in the wild, or outside the city, but, where there are no people, человек, calm down, and understands, he escaped, but only complicate your life. How to survive in a time, in the wild, when the hand is nothing? Just as did the ancient people, as well as do reconnaissance and specially trained people. They do not have, some kind of magic, just use the fully, that a man can have, namely the senses. senses, help in the night to find the tactile sensations, dangerous places or on the contrary will help to find a place, where you can hide. Charm can help detect animals and suddenly catch them and kill, or by means of the charm can be found opponents, patrol, which is typical of wartime. Hearing, this is another sense of the human, which often do not give much use, although it scouts often rely even more than, on sight, because they have to often work blindly. By the sounds you can define the approach of the enemy, Animal behavior can determine in what place are sentient beings. For example, If in the forest at once took off a cloud of birds, the, likely in the location of their disturbed creatures, namely, predatory animals or people.

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