What is the best bait for carp


The loves to eat fish

The carp fishing skill to choose the right bait plays an important role. The lure carp must know every professional, who wants to return home with a decent trophy. About factory grades "treats" for carp has been written many, We also share recipes homemade.

Bait at home

These pros know from personal experience about how to choose the bait for carp, having in the bank's own knowledge of a large number of practical tips. Their main advantage lies in the ingredients - natural materials, affordable and accessible for everyone. The basis of such baits lies grain mixture: zaparennaya wheat, peas, oats, corn, etc.. For the base can also be used wheat, perlovaya, barley porridge.

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Flavors and flavor additives

Which bait better for carp? And, which draws its own taste. With this purpose in food fish anglers add various flavorings. In the words of the smell and as a conditional can be divided into spicy and fruity-sweet. The composition of the latter is advisable to add vanilla, cinnamon, anise, honey or mint. Fruit flavors combined beautifully with vanilla biscuits, biscuits, halva, marmalade and fruit cereals. Experts also advise to add a bag, other strawberry-raspberry tea.

The spicy bait is appropriate to put garlic, roasted milled hemp seeds or sunflower. In the cold season carp reacts positively to protein foods. Therefore, it is recommended to add the bait fish canned rastortye, fish oil or flour, boiled shrimps etc.. Good-proven dog or cat finely milled feed.

What bait is best for carp

Для того, to "treat" uniformly disintegrated on the bottom, before the throw in it is necessary to add a little soda and citric acid (half a teaspoon on the ball, the size of a tennis ball). To bait remains on the water surface, It created a fragrant cloud of haze, should add breadcrumbs, powdered milk, Loma cookies.

Итак, what bait to use for carp? Here are some tested recipes from professional carp anglers,.

Council 1:

Mix fishmeal, breadcrumbs, milk powder and corn porridge.

Council 2:

Breadcrumbs, steamed with pearl barley.

Council 3:

header for cover, steamed with crackers and sunflower oil cake.

Council 4:

header for cover, slightly ruptured vanilla biscuits and ground peas.


Canned fish oil, pomace of sunflower seeds, semolina.

Council 6:

Bread, boiled potatoes, header bracket. Bread should be wetted in milk, cereal grind with potatoes. The received and missed a few times the mass should be added to vegetable oil.

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