Kaliningrad: golden amber tears

Kaliningrad: golden amber tears

Kaliningrad has received its present name in 1946 году (instead of the previous – Keningsberg). It is the westernmost city in Russia with a population of about half a million people. Kaliningrad is one of the largest industrial centers of the country. This port city. But most of all attracted to the sights. Tours to Kaliningrad from Moscow and other cities is not accidental popular. There really is something to see. Among the main attractions of Kaliningrad is to provide a lock “Kenigsberg”, Cathedral, Brandenburg Gate, World Ocean Museum, Fort №5, Amber Museum, Kant and other island.

Amber city

Once upon a time I lived in Königsberg beautiful girl amber. On it, little was known. It was said, if the amber witch or a child of the gods, but she liked all of the wonderful character and kindness, luchivshuyusya of its solar eye. Once in the city came to a harsh winter, people died from the cold. Residents came to the aid of amber. She asked her to tell the saddest story, from which she had been crying. Her tears froze in the golden stones. Their amber distributed to residents, they are melted and warmed furnace. So people survive the winter.

As time went on. The city expanded. merchants came, who wanted to establish trade, but residents of Konigsberg there is nothing to surprise them. Then the people again turned to amber for its golden tears. Of these stones of great beauty began to make crafts and to pay them to merchants. Since amber once again saved the inhabitants, Konigsberg and subsequently became known “amber city”.

Now Kaliningrad is still a lot of amber. This stone is a symbol of the city. Tours to Kaliningrad are very popular, among Russian tourists, and among foreign.

If possible, be sure to visit this fabulous city. Tour in Kaliningrad will be a great gift, for children, and adults.

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