To each, who is sent abroad

You have decided to go abroad!!!…Before leaving again check carefully, properly trained if your documents.


211794_s1Special care is necessary to verify the correctness of the basic data (surname, name, patronymic, floor, your date of birth, validity). In many countries the law requires, that would be on arrival in their country, passport valid for not less than six months. If you are going abroad with children, and they are written in (RAM) foreign passport, It is also necessary to verify the correctness of filling the information, for children from 6 s check for the attached photo. The passport should not be a foreign entries, stains and damages. The travel passport do not trust anyone, do not let as a zoologist or storage, keep to yourself.Verification of VISA

  • VISA. It should be remembered, that having a "Schengen visa" on it, you must first enter the country, that you made out the visa. Then you can move on with this visa "Schengen". In Turkey, eg, and so also in a number of countries, AWP for owners (general civil passports), visas are issued directly at airports.
  • TRAVEL DOCUMENTS. Make, that travel documents contains the same surname, and in that the passport, date of entry and date of departure, as well as the route , recorded in coincide with tickets.
  • TRIP transit through the territory of another country. If you intend to visit the country in transit through the territory of other countries, you need to consult the consulates of these countries or the travel agency about the design of transit visas, ascertaining, based on the return time, necessary expiry dates.
  • DO NOT FORGET TO TAKE. Be sure to check, whether taken with a formal invitation and travel vouchers (originals).
  • MEDICAL INSURANCE. Major expenses in case of an accident or illness may result in no serious attitude to the design of health insurance. When making an insurance policy clearly find out, both paid and what medical services in the host country you have to provide for the insurance. Pay particular attention to the choice of agency, out medical insurance pole .

loss of passportIn the event of loss of foreign passport or the occurrence of other unforeseen circumstances it is necessary to take a spare passport photos for themselves and their children, as well as make a copy of invitations, turvaucherov, credit card, driver's license, passports, visas and travel documents. Originals and copies should be stored separately. Do not forget to write down the address and phone numbers of the travel agency visited State. Find out all the nuances of stay in the country. The functions of the Consulate nutrition services, placement, the level of service and terms of service are not included. These questions should contact the travel agency representative. It is advisable to study, possibly, as much as possible information about the country, you have decided to visit. Learn about the features of behavior in public places, study the laws and customs, climatic conditions and the political situation. Visiting Africa and Asia, South and Southeast, We need to strictly observe the rules of conduct in public places. Particular importance should be paid to personal hygiene. 1231221551_52It should not be forgotten, that are determined by the laws in Muslim countries norms of behavior Sharia. There is a strict regulation of relations between women and men. Some countries have banned the use of alcohol, during Lent, it is desirable to refrain from eating. Do not smoke in public places during daylight hours during Ramadan. To prevent unwanted incidents for arriving guests, it is desirable to adhere to the following rules:

– do not let not worthy utterances to the country's leadership, which are, respect its culture, traditions and customs;

-consider their way of life and a friendly attitude;

-do not let the increasing voices, coarseness, show to the local population patience, not degrading;

-do not let the appearance of drunk in the street, as well as do not drink alcohol in public places.

It is also worth to note, Some countries require registration of Russian citizens who arrived in the registration office for foreigners. You should know, that in some countries there are areas, prohibited or restricted to foreigners. Therefore it will be necessary to discuss in advance the places, who want to visit. b40742eb94a1042a6628712d3c30a00d_0_500_0

To nothing to prevent you enjoy a trip to an exotic country, eg, this, India, it is necessary to appropriately monitor their health while visiting the country. Not only in India, but also in other countries with a hot climate is still raging very dangerous infectious diseases. Remember, it is not necessary to eat raw or not thoroughly washed fruits and vegetables. And all drinks ,it's desirable, use only packaging factory production. Teeth also only need to be cleaned with water from the factory packaged containers.

Really Take to the selection of clothes for the upcoming trip. He must comply with the customs and style of dress of the country visited.

Do not fall into a mess with smoking. In some European countries there is a ban on smoking. And in Singapore, you can be subject to a fine, throwing trash in non-site.

If you need a permanent reception, any medication, to avoid problems, it is better to take with you. And no harm will visit a doctor in order to discuss the possibility of the trip, Considering your health.

Be sure to leave your contact phone relatives and notify them of the coordinates of your location in the visited country. Take with addresses and phone numbers of Russian consulates and embassies in the country.

  • AIRPORT. Carefully examine the list of items prohibited for carriage. Fill in the declaration. Valuables, passports and money keep to yourself. To avoid problems, in case of lost luggage, it is best to store the luggage ticket together with the documents.
  • HOTEL. First learn the rules of the house and everything, due to pazharobezopasnostyu. Do not leave valuables in the room, money, documentation, Keep them to yourself, or take them to a safe.
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