Every hunter wants to know ... The basic rules of carriage of weapons in Russia

Every hunter wants to know ... The basic rules of carriage of weapons in Russia

Handling of weapons in our country (that is, its purchase, transportation, shipping) strictly regulated by applicable law, that everyone should know the happy owner of a gun or pistol. At least, he in parts, It is concerning him. Including, this, of course, true for hunters. By the way, to obtain a weapons permit is necessary to confirm their knowledge of these. true, Practice shows, often test knowledge of a formal nature. Actually, Many hunters have a very vague idea about such a significant event, for example, as the transport of weapons.

And it should certainly know. At first, because it would avoid bringing to administrative responsibility for violation of the law. Secondly, it's just a question of security for the Treatment of weapon. After all, once a year, and an unloaded gun shoots.

Итак, briefly about the main.

1. A weapons permit is not necessary to receive a transportation, if you move it within the subject of the Russian Federation, where he is registered, and when it comes to sports or hunting weapons, to which you have permission. Not required also permit the kinds of weapons, which are not registered in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In all other cases will have to be puzzled with the necessary documentary formalities.

2. In no case can not be transported without a cover weapons. And even charged.

3. With a sure must have all the documents on weapons, including the appropriate license.

4. There is also the quantitative restrictions. Так, one person can carry no more than five of the weapons and no longer 400 ammunition.

How visible, the rules are quite simple and easy to enforce them. This means, that their violation is not justified under any circumstances, It is so easy to follow the legal requirements. Especially as their observance, among others, is provided by the power of state coercion. According to the current Code of Administrative Violations, in the case of non-compliance with rules for handling weapons (including, his carriage), It should be prepared to pay a fine in the amount of 500 to 2000 rub. Can and does deny a license for up to a year. Needless to say, that the latter measure is particularly hard for the hunter? So it is better not to risk.

Moreover, in some cases, may occur and criminal liability. Например, if carrying some weapons in a vehicle for self-defense. true, that's another story.

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