Chinese mink and laugh or cry

Chinese mink, and laugh or cry.

What about the Chinese mink? Actually, Many things, and very different. How flattering, and not so. But objectively speaking, and the objective is not very good. In that case,, when it concerns subjective emotions, it is all very sad. The only plus - this is, Chinese - it the cheapest fur in Moscow, which were made of mink.

Cheaper is not Chinese, and for the same reason, and why the rest of China in the Russian market are fairly cheap - China products, which are exported abroad, leave much to be desired.

But let us for a moment leave the sad question about the quality of a few minutes. Now we will talk about the most important, and, perhaps, The undeniable advantage of the Chinese fur. When, if the Chinese fur - mink, inexpensively - The only, what about her, can say.

Buy cheap coat in Moscow

Price - this is the main plus mink coats, which supplies China. Of course, a natural question arises about, why do they have such a low price. The answer is simple. What quality - and this price. However, this is one of the few ways to find a mink coats cheap. Moscow famous for its great prices, and fur products this fate is not spared.

but, Now, when a poorly disguised as a positive negativity finished, should consider another question. And is it bad Chinese mink coats, or as bad only those, that China exports to other countries? The answer suggests itself.

Really, a more detailed analysis of it can be seen, that China's domestic market is filled with really high-quality mink coats, produced immediately in this country. But, as we understand, the domestic market in China is huge, and more or less qualitative things go into it, and all the low quality residues - abduction abroad.

However, solution is very true and good for the economy, but ordinary ordinary citizens, such as we have with you, it is disappointing, because we are deprived of a relatively high-quality goods at low prices.

However, there is an exit. Not so long ago, "Fur" Tourism has been very popular in Greece, which flew a lot of people in order, to buy winter clothes there. The same thing is happening now, and about China. Since the domestic market there is filled with sufficient quality things, Tourists often bring yourself gifts. And including - mink coats.

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