Cottage village – on vacation or permanent residence

Cottage village - on vacation or permanent residence

Tired of the hustle and bustle, many citizens are now often think about the rest in the country house, and most of them even dream of completely do away with the city life and settle somewhere in a cozy house on the edge of the earth.

And they can understand. What is life in a city apartment? Some of the apartment called a box with doors and windows. And there is a great deal of truth. Citizens have to be at the mercy of the enclosed space, dominated by constant noise coming from an infinitely transport, of the various projects under construction, and even noise, come to us because of the wall from the neighbors. city ​​apartment – This gray views and balconies with your home, as well as an endless stream of utilities receipts, which is not particularly pleased with the ever increasing numbers.

Of course, the scope of the apartment is very limited human freedom, because you want, especially children, run a little, jump, and wherein, do not get from their neighbors to the left or bottom of the reprimand. A kebab on holiday, or just a weekend, after the end of the working week? Of course, no! All, that is given to us in the apartment without limitation, so it's a sofa, TV and computer.

Therefore, then crawls all the working population on weekends for picnics, in the garden, in the country estates of his parents. There, they forget about everything, breathe deeply the fresh air. But the weekend go so fast, what, not having had time to fully feel the taste of life, they have to go home.

before all, as the catechumens, They rushed from the villages and towns in the city, especially young people. Now the situation has changed. maybe, it was because, that the current home of its convenience and comfort of any no way inferior to urban apartments, and often exceed their, It has long been in the past, sinks, stoves and painted floors.

Private house - this is what dreams are now citizens. A good solution to this problem could be cottage village Kiev region – Fresh air, big houses and land, beautiful view. Away from the bustle of the city you will be able to enjoy life in a circle of sympathetic and friendly neighbors. The village has a shop, school, child Center, playground. Plans to open a car wash and a fitness club. The health of inhabitants of the village followed by private doctor.

by the way, sick people, places much less likely to live in areas remote from the city. The reason is the fresh air and direct contact with nature, because in these villages, usually, near the forest, and hence mushrooms and berries - a storehouse of vitamins. Well, and if a settlement is still being near any body of water - it's still swimming and fishing.

At the moment, there are two categories of citizens: those, who prefer a temporary country vacation, and go on a summer residence, if there are any,, or rent a home for the required period of time – a weekend or a whole vacation, and they, who decided to change their way of life forever and move to permanent residence lies close to or distant from the town settlement.

To which group to join, You decide for yourself. One thing is clear, bezvylazno impossible to dwell in a modern city without compromising their physical and psychological health and, who must constantly maintain, so for many years to maintain performance and mental activity.

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