Hill of Crosses in Bulgaria - Attractions countries and cities

Hill of Crosses in Bulgaria - Attractions countries and citiesThe Bulgarian Rhodopes, not far from the town, there is a place, which can be called one of the most important religious places in the Balkans. This Cross Mountain. according to legend, somewhere in its hidden caves of the Holy Cross. Linked to this is the following legend:

In the IV century Byzantine emperor Constantine and his mother Helena found the cross on Golgotha ​​Jesus Christ. Cross was taken to Constantinople, where it was divided into three parts, one of which has been left for safekeeping in the capital of the Byzantine Empire. After many centuries,, together with the city, Christian shrine got conquered by the Turks. story goes that, that a Russian czar, whose name is not specified, sent ambassadors to Istanbul with the aim to buy back this part of the Holy Cross. And this is after failed. Soon enough after the transaction, Turkish sultan realized, some lost relics, and sent for the Russian Embassy chase. The embassy was overtaken just in the Bulgarian Rhodopes - in an old monastery, who was at the top of one of the mountains. but, relic was found not. It is believed, just so that, how to be overtaken, They hid the messengers of the shrine in a cave. The monastery was burned, Monks and Russian envoys put to death. Since that time considered, that in those places you can find stones with a cross. Any products for tourism, you can find Online nepogibnu.ru.

In the XIX century on the place back again Christian monks. At this time on the mountain begin to occur miraculous healings. People from all places are going to the mountain, to get a heavenly blessing and heal. In honor of this miracle of King Boris gives instructions to build the Cross Monastery. To this day, the monastery attracts thousands of pilgrims from around the world. Near Church scored a spring, Water is considered to be therapeutic.

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