Crimea - the pearl of extraordinary

Crimea - the pearl of extraordinary

A few words about Balaclava

Crimea - a unique edge. Hard to find a man, who has not heard about it. Why are only the famous Crimean mountains, on which lays the ears and captures the soul! At that moment, how did you get here, your life changes drastically. Being among all this indescribable beauty, very hard to restrain himself with happiness and not to cry. Brother, Why are only some types of Balaclava! by the way, worth noting the fact, what Accommodation in Balaclava available to everyone. Поэтому, if you decide to once visit Crimea – and be sure to check this wonderful place.

Crimea can offer the most diverse tourism. There you will wait for unusual walks cutter operations in the Black Sea and in the open air overnight. You can also stay in a hotel uyutnenko. The friendly owners will gladly provide accommodation of the highest class. Finally, the opportunity to get a real high level of service at an affordable price. You do not even have to go to Turkey and other countries.

Balaklava decoration is considered a magnificent bay, which is surrounded by tall rocky mountains. From the sea it connects Strait, which has the length of half a kilometer.

In the very beautiful promenade was built during the Crimean War. At first it was called "English", but then it was renamed in honor of Civil War hero Nazukin.

  • interesting fact. From the sea is not visible at bay. Therefore, going into an independent boat trip, It should be very careful, to get lost.

Being Balaklave, be sure to visit these places:

  • Near the tract;
  • Cembalo fortress;
  • Beach “Vasili”;
  • Balaklavskuyu tunnel;
  • Cembalo fortress;
  • Silver Strand;
  • Aya Cape;
  • St. George Monastery;
  • Church of the Holy Twelve Apostles.

After visiting these places you, like thousands of other tourists, fall in love forever Balaklava.

Where to stay?

If you do not have relatives in the Crimea - do not be sad. You can collect a friendly company, buy tents and go on long hikes in the month. You will live under the open sky, cook over a campfire various goodies. If this holiday is not for you, the prices for hotels in Balaclava You will be pleasantly surprised.

You can remove yourself from any number of any kind of window, and any distance to any beach.

Enough to sit in a stuffy concrete city and travel to Turkey, where everyone knows each other. There is a fabulous and unique world - Crimea, and in it - Balaklava.

Come soon!

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