Купить лодку ПВХ в Салехарде

Купить лодку ПВХ в Салехарде 1



Итак, на 100% решено купить лодку пвх в Салехарде, but it is not clear, how to make a choice? Then we must first estimate, What financial opportunities exist, how many do not mind to spend out of the family budget, and only then begin to look at the basic parameters of the boat design, deserves special attention.

Boats made of PVC

It is these structures today are incredibly high demand by fishermen and boaters. But why? The boat is quite easy, PVC fabric is easily repaired in the event of:

  • tax,
  • puncture,
  • mechanical damage.

The frame can not recover with the help of vulcanization, so if there was a question in front of the fisherman to buy pvc boat in Salekhard or the, that is made of metal - the answer is always clear: only polyvinylchloride.

Benefits of PVC

This is a fairly modern, lasting, reliable, elastic material. It is practically unaffected by wet environments. vessel, made from such fabrics do not necessarily thoroughly dried and cleaned after each fishing. Unfortunately, this material, high sensitivity to sunlight, so you need as quickly as possible to clean up the boat in the garage, under a special tent (after use for its intended purpose), to extend the life of the product several times.

It is for this reason it is best to give preference to the boat, made of PVC light shades. optimally, than it will be light green or white color, such surface less prone to sunlight. Summarizing the original result, you can note, that to the main advantages of PVC boat belongs:

  • light weight;
  • long-term service;
  • repairability.

What to look for when choosing PVC boats?


Before you buy be sure to look pvc boat in Salekhard on the following parameters:

  • inflatable or rigid floor from vessel;
  • What is the length of the structure;
  • what are the rules of operation of PVC frame, prescribed by the manufacturer.

Of course, in some cases it is better, if the floor will be an inflatable vessel so, less likely to puncture the bottom. It is known, that the hard floor is made of plywood, and sometimes even of aluminum. But on the other hand the purchase of boats with rigid bottom justified by the fact, that the great weight of passengers, hand luggage is better distributed on the ship. Because it is on a boat can travel long distances.

Length of construction - an important parameter, when the question of, how many people will simultaneously exploit module.

Купить лодку ПВХ в Салехарде

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