Buy spinning in Ukraine: where and for how much

Buy spinning in Ukraine

Where to buy spinning in Ukraine

Even novice fishermen know, What a huge variety of different classification rods. Over time, this variety grows, for example, the same feeder rod appeared in the arsenal of our fishermen recently. Because to choose for a particular problem right tackle is difficult not only for beginners, but seasoned masters of the fishing business. Right now we tell you how to correctly buy spinning in Ukraine.

What is spinning?

Spinning - a fishing rod with a capacity for fastening rings and coils. They are designed for fishing with artificial bait, which should move and attract the attention of predatory fish. In Ukraine, this type of fishing has long won popularity among fishermen. And since the demand creates supply, and the selection is quite large spinning.

Main characteristics

before, you buy spinning, you need to understand, what you need to pay attention in the first place.

  1. Design

All spinners are divided into components and sliding. Composite plug or rods have greater strength and ease of. Drawer (telescopic) in turn heavier, but a much smaller size. And the presence reduces its reliability in recent increasing number of docking stations.

  1. Length

rod length can vary from 1,5 to 3,5 m. Selecting the length defined by the distance, on which will be to throw the bait. Short rods lighter and more maneuverable, They are ideal for fishing from the banks of a small pond and a boat. Long needed for a long casting.

  1. formation

From down the rod depends elasticity whip, that is, the speed of its rectification. usually isolated 3 main types of system spinning:

  • fast;

  • average;

  • slow.

Slower rods increase casting distance, but degrades the accuracy of the throw. Quick rods contrary - different "tochechenym" pelting, but on a smaller distance.

  1. Test

Test, rods or power MPW defined bombarded bait. Rods are:

  • ultralight (to 6 г);

  • lungs (to 22 г);

  • average (to 45 г);

  • severe (over 45 г).

In Ukraine, it presented quite a large selection of spinning rods and equipment. Price range also very extensive - can be found as a budget option, and expensive professional gear. On the fishing market of Ukraine presented many world manufacturers of spinning gear, so choose a few. The main thing - it will be determined, for which spinning is used.


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