Fishing with live bait

Fishing live bait

Fishing on natural tips

The most favorable period of the fishing with live bait are the last weeks of autumn.
A fish, I am trying to work up fat reserves for the winter, becomes the most voracious and greedy, therefore, less warily throws on live bait in the form of small fishes. At this time, there is a great opportunity to catch a pretty large specimens.

When and where to catch?

catching pike on live baitCarnivorous fish are best caught at dusk and dawn, when the most fish zhor. Sometimes it's good and the noon time with 11 до 14 time, but not necessarily. For fishing hunting as a significant factor is the temperature of the water.
It is important to study the lifestyle and habits of a predator. Largemouth black bass loves standing water and hides in the reeds and water lilies. Pike likes to mask in the grass or under koryazhkami at the bottom of ponds, This allows it to track prey unnoticed. Форель – whirlpools amateur mountain rivers.


Telescopic rods are usually used for fishing from the shore by 3 до 4,5 m. Since we are talking about catching big fish, naturally, the main criterion should be the strength of the rod.
For fishing from a boat is better to stop the choice on the plug-spinning rods. However, the choice of gear is still dependent on fish, on which you set up your hunt.
If you use a coil, it is possible to produce larger individuals from great depths. The main thing is not to forget the gear to provide a fishing line with a large diameter, so as not to miss the big catch. Leashes steel used for large fish, it was not possible to have a meal.
When fishing live bait hooks forged small selected with a long forend, less damage to fishes, and they can move freely in the water.
Floats are used spherical or pear-shaped, that would resist efforts zhivtsov.
Ogruzka depends on the type of fishing: hrushevydnaya - at uzhenyy vprovodku, flat - for bottom fishing and drop-shaped - at the bottom of the probing. For the free movement of live bait fishing line around the use carabiners.
Also needed are telescopic landing net to bring production, baits for fishing - net and a vessel with an oxygen balloon.

fishing Equipment

naƶivkaLive bait for fishing can be a great variety of fishes - carp, Dace, bleak, good success is small chub. Is placed on the hook bait can be different - for lips, the back, and even the tail.
On larger prey when fishing live bait you can expect in reservoirs with low flow and overgrown bottom, it is often hidden in the thickets of large birds of prey fish, trapping prey.
Fishing with a float
Sliding float used for fishing with a rough bottom, allowing the fisherman to put the bait to the desired depth, to live bait is not entangled in seaweed, that allows you to more accurately assess the situation in time and strike prey.

Fishing with bottom probing
live baitThis method of fishing boats used to. With the help of boats, slowly moving over the pond, fisherman manages to slowly probe the bottom. Movement from one place to stimulate and move the bait to attract predators. Do you need slicing down differently, depending on production. Black bass need to strike sharply, and pike, Conversely slowly. Do not forget to get acquainted with the local fishing rules, as in some parts of fishing live bait is prohibited.

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  1. Through this article, I learned a lot about fishing!I like to fish even though I knew novichok.Ya new gear here, where better than to lure fish, what should be the rod and more!I have never caught on live bait,but really I want to learn to think I will,you only need to stock up on new gear and go quickly to catch rybu.Spasibo you very much for this interesting article!

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