Fishing with bottom

bottom fishing


Fishing on natural tips

Fishing with bottom or, as it is called bottom - this is one of the simplest kinds of old fishing. It is based on the natural tendency to look for some fish feed on the bottom and the bottom part of the reservoir. Find your fish feed using tendrils or sensitive cells, located in the mouth. Therefore, when a fisherman catching the main task is, to the baited hook via Georgia is located at the bottom and wait for the fish. Bottom fishing is practiced in stagnant ponds and rivers flow. Catches of large fish when fishing from the bottom rather impressive, You can catch the linear, carp, blackheads, longhorn beetles, often there are also handsome cat catfish and chub. I recommend to go to useful site for fisherman, where you will find a more comprehensive description of these and many other techniques of catching fish, as well as the gear used.

Used gear designs are quite simple, even beginners will not be difficult to use them. true, as in any fishing, you must have enough patience and the ability to quickly understand situations arise.

Start fishing it is necessary to search for the best location, determination of the depth of the bottom and the lure fish.


If you want a fairly large prey, the, of course, care must be taken and the strength of all the components of your gear, counting on, that production will at catching the corresponding resistance. For large fish catching is better to take a coil with a special unlocking.

When buying a fishing rod, pay attention to its apex. It is desirable to make it brightly colored, it would be better to determine the fish bite. The length of the rod is better to take 3- 5 m, detachable coil, that would have a well-controlled braking grip.

Leski can use odnožilʹnye, better color, contrasting water, to better viewed bite, diameter of 0,2 to 0,4 mm.

Fishing with bottomHooks necessary tough and durable, and the form fit the nozzle: Fishing a worm - with a long forend, maize - short.

Particular attention is given to the selection of ogruzki, on which depends the success of fishing. If the water standing or slow-moving, use weights or pear-shaped sliding tide, and to make better use of fast flowing rivers flat hexagons.

Another recommended to stock the bell for bottom fishing, for night fishing on eel, Stand under the rod and landing net with a wide neck and a telescopic handle.

Bits and fertilizing

Lure Fish - is a science. It is necessary to begin seven days before the scheduled for fishing. Producing approximately the same clock, corresponding to the time planned fishing. Please do plentiful feeding, then reduce and stop the day before catching. Lure to do the same, as used bait.

For bait used worm-vypolzok, as well as the well-proven corn milk-wax maturity. On the corn is well caught crucian, rudd, tench and carp almost all the family.

fishing Equipment

First, you need to choose the appropriate snap-in best location of fishing and fish, which open hunting. It consists of a hook, leash, fishing line diameter must be less than the parent, drobynky-stopper, which is located at 30cm from the start of the leash, and sinkers of various shapes. With removable bottom fishing sinkers conditions better to use a sliding weight 10-30 г.

Well, all is ready! Threw the nozzle above the fishing upstream. Podmatыvaya lesku, bring to a desired point of the bottom. Now the whole success depends on the timely and smooth sweeps perfect output production podsachek.

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