Best team game

Best team gameActive holidays with family and friends has long been popular. It often happens, that this or that occupation is seasonal. If you are looking for a versatile option, which will help you not only to relax, and unite with the team, the paintball, this is exactly, so that you have been looking for.

Paintball is a team game, which uses, so called, markers, that shoot colored balls. At the professional level, distinguished sports and tactical paintball. It is important to note, this kind of leisure can traumatic non-compliance with safety rules. All equipment can be purchased at specialty stores or departments of sport to rent right there, where you play.

Each player must wear a special mask, if it is on the paintball field. You will receive a token, weapon, wherein there is a gas cylinder and a tank-balls rounds. shell shell gelatin, and inside is a paint.

If during the game you hit the enemy, then it is formed color mark, he must raise a marker and leave the court. According to some rules from entering the enemy's weapons are considered a victory, and some do not, respectively, these nuances are discussed before the game.

Watch carefully, that would be a marker was placed on fuses, When you or your partners are located outside the playground. Players with experience recommend wearing polycarbonate glasses even, when you entered the security zone.

Another aspect, which can play havoc with the players, Never shoot at close range. the ball hitting the human body from a distance brings him pain, but negligible, if it comes in abutment, it may result in injury.

Paintball, as well as any kind of vigorous activity carries some risk of, but if all the safety rules you will not only save yourself and your loved ones from injury, but also spend a great time.

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