The best water parks in different parts of the city of Sochi


Here come your long-awaited vacation! And if you decide to spend this vacation in Sochi, it is necessary to advance reservation via internet in the hotel. You must agree, I do not really want on arrival in Sochi, to devote a lot of time finding a suitable place to stay. Much better to spend this time with benefits – familiar with the local attractions, of which a great many here, relax, lie on the beach. Finally, you can go to a nearby water park, especially it is a good idea, if you come on holiday with children.

To come to the best spa city in the country - Sochi, and do not go in the water park - it is a big mistake. After all, this city has the best water parks, in which the people are very fun to spend their free time, especially children. They are of such an idea Leasure will be delighted. therefore, Once you have completed all the works with the population at the hotel, visit at least one of the water parks of this wonderful city.

The following article provides an overview of the most popular water parks Sochi.




AquaLoo - good water park, which is in the area of ​​the Lazarev. According to its size - it is the largest water park with the most roller coasters. Though it is not easy to get there, but still, this water park is practically leader in attendance. Although there are disadvantages in AquaLoo: Some slides may not work, not very clean. However, the pros exceed. And these disadvantages due to different shares closed. In the water park there are excellent swimming pools, many slides, even 3-4 do not work, it is still enough to roll on the other. Waterpark offers excellent services. Например, if you pay on 100-200 rubles more , than the input to the water park, the visitors have participated in the foam parties, discos and places prochee.Akvalookoe indoor waterpark, so he receives visitors and winter, but the work is not all slides.



This water park takes pride of place among the best in Sochi. Located in the resort town Amfibius. Although the water park and the small size, but it holds a large number of different slides. Also here there is a great area for children. For adults there is a little swimming pool. The water park has several cafes, prices which enough dostupnye.Vhod is inexpensive and a water park fully justifies the price of the ticket. There is a terrifying slide "Kamikaze". this extreme hill for fans just love it. In general, a water park looks nice and clean.


The best water parks in different parts of the city of Sochi
Probably this is the best water park of the above. There really extreme scary slides, and appearance completely ahead of its beauty the rest of the water parks in the city. The price for admission is an acceptable and absolutely justified. Prices for the food average, but the food in the cafe is very tasty. Water park is famous for its hills "Tsunami" and "Kamikaze". Indeed, such extreme and sudden descents like this nowhere else. The only disadvantage of the water park - only one swimming pool. But it's not a problem, because all the other advantages of fully compensate for this defect. Therefore, the water park an excellent solution for a wonderful and memorable stay in Sochi.

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