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Flowing water

Fishing in running water has its charms, and because a circle of amateur fishermen. It attracts anglers of this element a desire to experience a variety of ways of fishing. Meet with a strong current and a rapid rise of water. Watch as the fish overcome congestion and waterfalls, tending to the spawning ground. lowland rivers, mountain streams and rivers is rapidly rushing down from the mountains into the valleys - this is a flow-through water.

Mountain Creek. mountain stream, usually, called the source of the river. There are streams from springs, fed by atmospheric precipitation and waters of melting glaciers. small streams, often, combined and descending into a valley slowing form mountain rivers. Water mountain rivers clean and oxygenated. mountain streams – this is an excellent habitat for such fish, trout, dace, and sometimes trout. But the undoubted queen of the water element was and remains, of course, mountain trout. No more attractive and exciting sport fishing in freshwater streams, like trout fishing.

River valleys. Going down into the valley of a mountain river loses agility and turns into a lowland river. The bottom of the river, usually, clayey or sandy, and the banks overgrown with bushes and grass. Oxygen enriched streams such river is much smaller. The trout here continues to meet, but the basic resident these rivers is handsome umber, rarely can stumble us chub.

lowland rivers. Continuing his flat for the river turns into a broader and tranquil. Oxygen saturation decreases, and the water temperature rises. The bottom is covered with sand and small pebbles. This is the world of various fish habitat, such as barbel, carp, tench, crucian, pike, largemouth black bass. Closer to the river delta can be found sturgeon and shad Mediterranean.

Fishing in standing water

standing water.

Lake, ponds and pits, usually, filled with stagnant water. they are formed, like streams, from underground sources, precipitation, as well as the melting of snow and glaciers.

Lake. From each other's different lake depths, its size, the structure of the bottom, as well as its environmental and morphological characteristics. In lakes with more transparent, Cold water and sparsely vegetated live on coast advantageously salmonids, but the lack of food does not allow them to grow to a large size. In lakes with the higher water temperature encountered larger individuals salmonids, as well as a lot of fish of the carp family. Here you can catch burbot, carp, pike and chub. Good lake for sport fishing, because fishing can be practiced here in summer and winter.

Ponds and pits. These reservoirs are formed in staritsah, which permanently detached from the main channel, or in the recesses, fueled underwater waters. In ponds inhabited by such fish, like perch, pike, rudd, largemouth black bass, cat catfish and tench. Not uncommon and steelhead, you can even count on a significant catch.


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