Manifestations of anomalous phenomena in Russia


Mountain Altai, located in the zone of the mining activity and crustal movements, saturated with radon, It has long been considered a place of awesome, abnormal, mystically. Many researchers believe, that it was hidden in the Altai mountains mysterious land of Shambala, which ever appear to human eyes.

However, even without the Shambhala Mountain Altai is rich in mystery. One of them - the ancient village of Old Believers Upper Uimon, the neighborhood is full of unsolved riddles yet. FROM Old Believer village, museum- cellar, upper Uimonthe south side of the village on the ground, you can find great spots oily liquid such as oil or diesel fuel with an uncertain neutral odor, not like the oil. When approaching this area begins to get sick and dizzy, nausea rises to my throat, so the locals are trying to pass these areas face.

In the north of the village are marked no less strange phenomena: in the air constantly emerging small lights, которые, then actively move, then hang motionless, at times some glow appears above the ground, the origin of which is still the same can not be explained.

Pokrovsky (Smolensk region)

In the northwest of the Smolensk region, 28 km from the district center is Demidovo poltergeystnoe Pokrovskoe. Witnesses say, poltergeist mainly broken windowthe incredible power of throwing various objects, and do it in the presence of people, violating all the laws of logic and physics. Так, researchers, izuchavshie phenomenon, mark, that emitted from the window Sugar Bowl, It fell near the house, that the laws of physics should indicate a slight acceleration of the object, but the hole in the glass says, Sugarbowl that flew at least with a velocity artillery projectile.

Observations of such phenomena but have not been able to give clues, some unknown force throwing objects such extraordinary way.

Bang-Qaboos("Die head ',Samara Region)

In the northwest of the Samara region there is a small wetland areas with low mountains and dense forest, in which, according to local legends, live evil spirits - Bang-Qaboos"Die head ', or . At night it is resting in the swamp, and then each, someone close to him or passes, He sees many lights, day Pata Kabyasya usually hiding in a cave. In the villages Pata Kabusya appears only, if someone from the villagers die a violent death, but because it does not read the burial service in the church and not buried according to Christian tradition. In this case, the fiery serpent with a thick head and a thin long tail arrives for the deceased's body and takes it with him to the swamp.

glowing lights over the marshAccording to the legend, hereinafter revived body, as African zombies, become a great army Pata Qaboos, which is preparing for a mysterious battle at the end of time with a certain enemy of another world.

However, and if no one knows about this enemy, the lights on the marshes have seen many, so ancient Chuvash legend lives in the surrounding villages to this day. В 1984 year near the swamp, which is home to Pata Kabusya, really it was discovered a cave in the form of steep wells, however, due to lack of equipment it was not sufficiently investigated.


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