Microwaves and key features

Microwaves and key features

Safety and speed of cooking - the main advantage, which give the microwave modern housewives. Built-in variety of technology - the perfect choice for those, one apartment can not boast of a large area.

What are the characteristics worthy of attention?

Their are several.

  • Overall dimensions - determining parameter, as well as to select any other art. Microwaves have some embodiments sizes. The height varies 30-40 cm, depth may be 30-59,5 cm, width - 45-60. Besides, Installation equipment necessary to provide a clearance between the device itself and the nearest walls, at least 2-3 cm minimum. This will make it easier maintenance, It leaves room for air infiltration. Buy Built in ovens as easy as pie.
  • No less important role played by volume in the working chamber. In commercially available models with an indicator within 17-42 liters. 18-20 liters is considered a universal solution, which is suitable for almost any room. They are sufficient to meet the needs of the family of 2-3 человек.
  • We turn to the enumeration functionality. If you just need to heat up lunch - enough for the simplest models. They usually operate in only one mode. But there is a feature-rich varieties for those, who really loves to cook. Например, you can choose designs with automatic heating, conventional oven mode, the ability to cook for a couple.
  • The main thing - to existing wiring was able to withstand the characteristics of the stove. 0,7 – 1,2 kW - Power easiest built-in models. For multi-parameter already comes to 3,5 kW. Inverter control technology reduces power consumption. This will protect from and fluctuations in the supply of electricity.
  • We need to look, both formed inside of the microwave. One durable material - stainless steel. Bioceramics is also a good solution, This material does not require complex purification.
  • According to the method of management are microwave clock and touch, push-button and mechanical.

What about accommodation?

The maximum allowable height level for the microwave - the level of the chest of an adult. This ergonomic solution, able to fit into any environment. Multipurpose devices easily placed at the bottom, under the cooktop. everyone can Buy Built in ovens with suitable characteristics.

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