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small hotelsToday we can observe a real "boom" of the construction and the popularity of small hotels in many countries around the world. Because in them you get a high level of service at a fairly high cost of not. According to statistics, up to 40% flow of customers (holidaymakers, travelers and others.) They prefer to mini-hotels. In Europe mini-hotels have long had a high level of popularity and are often family businesses.

The most popular small hotels in the center of Moscow They have among travelers. The beginning of their emergence is the deep antiquity. The Guinness Book of Records entry is, which states, that the oldest hotel appeared in Japan 717 year. They ruled the dynasty Sushi and for all time of its existence were replaced 16 generations of owners.

At the beginning 21 Century Small hotels have become a separate category of hotel business. They are a convenient option for middle-class customers. Now is the large number of small hotels in Russia is concentrated in St. Petersburg.

A special place in the mini-hotel industry takes its name. As, thanks to the sonorous and beautiful names he can get a lot of popularity. There is a special mini-hotels classification depending on the number of rooms they service. If we take into account the non-residential fund, the number of rooms in them ranges from 15 to 20 in the House, and they can be carried to a category of small hotels. With regard to housing, it may be in them to 10 rooms, and in a separate building, at least until 50 rooms.

In order to open your own small hotel, you must be prepared for any difficulties. For example, You need to get numerous amounts of permissive documents, choose room, pick up staff and gain a customer base. Therefore, it is not an easy job requires a lot of patience and hard work.

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