Cape Fiolent

Cape FiolentFiolent cape is one of the favorite holiday destinations, there often are sent tours of Crimea. It is a place of contrasts, which can be traced throughout the: in the colors of the rocks, in the steep cliffs near the sea, in truth and legend, past and present of this unusual Cape. Since the beach is not quite easy to get, it can be concluded, that people come here really in love with the stunning scenery. It is situated in the southwestern part of Crimea.

Fiolent from Italian translates as "frenetic". Is the name of the Cape derives from the raging winds here in winter; because of the storm, which in ancient times or ruined planted travelers stranded ships; of- for the steep coast, which was formed due to volcanic eruption and sea-level change.

Now it's time to arm the camera and explore the local attractions.

cliffs, headlands and bays. They cut up the entire coast Fiolent (battery Cape, The Sphinx and the Lion, Nameless Bay and Alexander ). Cove "Echo" is famous, that the word, said even a whisper, as distinct echoes. Cove "Marble" is famous for the extraction of limestone of different colors. A large number of tourists can be found near Cape Lermontov, known pierced through the rock, forming the Grotto of Diana.

Jasper beach. Its length is more than a kilometer. It was named in honor of the red and dark - red pebbles like a jasper. From the land and can be reached by stairs, which consists of more than seven hundred steps or water speedboat.

St. George's monastery. This is one of the oldest monasteries of Crimea. It was built in caves in Fiolent 891 by the Byzantines in the name of St. George, saved them from shipwreck. In the monastery of rare plants - Juniper, fistashka, jasmine, sometimes you can see the dogwood and figs. In this sacred place visited almost all the Russian tsars.

Summarize! If you are tired of city life and civilization, If you want to know the history of the ancient sanctuary, if you like sandy beaches with white sand, clean and clear sea, if you want to enjoy the beauty of incredible landscapes, you here. Cape Fiolent able to surprise!

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