On New Year in Finland

On New Year in Finland

New Year – family celebration, but it does not mean, what 31 December family must unite around the basin Olivier, when you can make a family Christmas tradition the habit of every New Year was celebrated in the new country. lovers “white” Christmas and New Year not find a more suitable place for a holiday, what a fabulous Finland.

You've heard of Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi and zoo Korkesaari with the magic footpath stables gnome in Helsinki, of tender venison under the cranberry sauce and unusual souvenirs, which can be found at the Christmas market on the Senate Square.

The truth is I never buy souvenirs in the shops, it seems ridiculous to spend money on things, you can make the most of the variety of goods, the proposed store for creativity, following, как, let us say, art shop “Hobbyshop” . After all, how much nicer would remember New Year, looking for a gift, made with his own hands your loved ones. Such a gift can not be compared with any of the overseas souvenir, he exudes a special warmth.

For me, New Year's holiday special, and to prepare for it I start to advance, forward a few months. I flip the entire Internet, to borrow fresh ideas, connect their creative imagination. Then I think over well, what gift to would be glad to any particular person. And only after that I go to search for materials.

Usually, I do not burden yourself with Shopping, My shopping is limited to specialized online shops. Although lately, I then did not particularly sprayed. I manage to almost all the necessary materials to find craft supermarket “Hobbyshop”. I believe, which is very convenient, use the services of an online store:

At first, I have studied him up and down. I know almost the entire range, and jealously watching the emergence of new products.

Secondly, many products have been verified by me in practice.

Thirdly, purchased in bulk is much cheaper, from discount and ending with the, that payment for delivery, I have to pay for one parcel.

Fourth, - a beautiful master classes, which can be found on the same site hobbyshop.com.ua. They helped me to gather some ideas and learn a lot of subtleties manufacture some crafts.

I want to add, what “Hobbyshop”, for a creative person a real treasure. Here you can buy goods for the manufacture of dolls, soapmaking, decoupage, embroidery, for the manufacture of jewelery, drawing, painting on porcelain and many other products necessary for the implementation of your ideas to life.

Returning to the New Year, I also want to share, the, all this in advance to create wealth to preserve and not to confuse, that for whom is. Of course, gift wrap! pyramid-box-01Her, by the way, I also do, their own hands. Each a present I attach homemade birochku-otkrytochku, at which place the registered greetings in verse or prose. Say - troublesome! Of course, but worth it. See the sparkling eyes of the recipient's always a pleasure, even any words of thanks are not necessary. especially girls, bearing deposits its modern dolls, they are so genuinely happily accept "tildochek".

For older girls best gifts are different barrettes and headbands to hair, or unpretentious jewelry.

But an adult is better to give practical gifts - pillows, koshelechki, caskets and a variety of pots and vases. Well, and almost anyone will be able to evaluate the gift of a picture, or watch any visual styles, whether Beads, tape, straw, salt dough or other manufacturing technique.
Since the New Year, we seldom celebrate at home, totem, who are with us on a journey, gifts have to give advance, with the opening of the condition after the fight chimes.

But in a way I, usually, taking the volume is not very large gifts, not heavy, not shrinkable or breakable. I pick up a box for them and pack them all together. The family is already used, He knows, it is not subject to the opening of the New Year.
Well, Now it seems all about the gifts.

Now back to Finland. I want to note, that in every country there are features, you need to know, to not feel strange at the New Year celebration of life.

Here are a few tips for those, I decided to celebrate the New Year in the capital of Finland.

Council 1. – Come advance. With the onset of the New Year holidays for the Finns do not begin, and ends,1 January entire country sleeps, 2 January goes to work, and if you want to feel the festive atmosphere and walk on Christmas sales, come to Helsinki to 31 December.

Council 2. Get ready to entertain themselves. TO 12 sometimes 31 December at the Senate Square gather residents and visitors, listen to the mayor greetings, sing the national anthem of Finland and – differ. The official part was over, everyone to continue the fun fun, as they can.

Council 3. Plan in advance 1 January. It is a day off in the truest sense of the word, closed almost all, so finding spontaneously in entertainment problematic.

but, there is, least, three places, traditionally working at this time:
1) Temppeliaukio – church, arranged into the rock. She has amazing acoustics, so there regularly hosts concerts of organ music.
2) Winter Sports Center for species Ulas Hall. Take a ride on a dog sled, feed the deer or slide down the mountain on ledyankah.
3) waterpark Serena. In winter, all the fun is concentrated in its covered part and on the ski slopes, located near.

Just in case, check before you travel, Do not changed somewhere schedule, and no unpleasant surprises do not darken the main holiday of the year.

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