Namibia Skeleton Coast (and Skeleton Coast) - Is a narrow, The length of the part of the Namibian coast between the mouths of the rivers Kunene and Swakop River.

Grim name of this place entirely untrue. On stretching almost 700 kilometers of sandy and pebble beaches are found in a variety of sun-bleached bones of various animals. And not only animals…

Local waters is very dangerous for shipping. Because of the cold Benguela Current is often case of thick fog, clouds coast and coastal waters dense, impenetrable veil. these fogs, as well as strong currents, frequent storms, insidious underwater reefs and boulders caused many shipwrecks.

Survivors of the shipwreck People, who managed to reach the shore, found themselves in the coastal zone is extremely arid Namib Desert. Even if they were boats, they could not get out into the sea and swim to the nearest human settlement. Because here it is constantly raging powerful ocean surf. To overcome it in the rowing boat is almost impossible.

So victims become prisoners of this harsh place. They had no choice, to try to escape by land. And it needs to overcome a few hundred kilometers of the hot, waterless and almost uninhabited desert, where rainfall rarely exceeds 10 mm per year. And it does not die from the bites of poisonous snakes and insects, avoid falling prey to predators. Chances were few.

That sometimes caught between the rocks and sand, the remains of people - those poor, who will of evil fate was in this cutthroat place and find here the last refuge.

Picture of the already tragic complementary half-rotted fragments of boats and ships skeletons, rotten remnants of rigging, scattered along the coast.

There are also relatively entire hulls, heavily corroded, partially tunes sand. Some lie in the shallows near the shore. Others were in the hundreds of meters from the water. It happened because, that blows from the mainland gradually wind blows the water tons of sand, shifting the coastline toward the ocean.

Now this place is popular with fans of extreme sports, mysticism and “postapokalipsicheskoй” of the atmosphere.

Attract tourists and beauty of the landscape: bewitching always restless ocean, endless wild beaches, here and there interrupted by rocky ledges, spacious stony plain, whimsical, all shapes and sizes dunes.

For those wishing to organize hiking in the desert, photo safari on off-road vehicles. At Cape Cross, you can see a colony of South African eared seals. Besides, Skeleton Coast is known as a good place for fishing and surfing. And storms sometimes dumped on the shore antique coins, ceramic pottery shards and other artifacts.

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