Folk omens – OK, but better weather station!

Do not blindly trust national signs, better to take with a weather station.

The idea is ripe for a long time and finally, ripened. We find the right people, purchased tickets. The case for small need to find out as much information and miss nothing.

Consult in particular was not with anyone, knowledge, taken from the Internet, allowed to come, Many councils were really valuable. Sleeping, sunscreen, raincoats, sunglasses for two pairs per, in such a journey with one pair always something happens fatal. It is important to understand, what initially climbing, entertainment is not for everyone, and a sober assessment of their chances. It's hard physically, walk trails need, strewn with sharp stones, camping out in sleeping bags. Large temperature differences, at the foot +30 up on the top -10 Celsius. unpredictable weather, but just with the help of the Internet Council, and was taken from a weather station Agree always quieter at heart, when you know, that awaits you in the near future.

However, lucky with the weather, our share has not dropped rain, otherwise it would be much harder, rain ascent becomes more and slippery. But take a raincoat with a must. What more of a mandatory – several pairs of socks (best wool), gloves and mittens, termokostyum, Down jacket, hat, warm and high boots with laces, be sure to 1-2 more than your usual size, otherwise cause it to lose leg. The first two days were really types of incredibly beautiful, we are endlessly happy and even screaming with delight, but then all the beauty ended and began fatigue.

Local Guides promptly brought to the camp everything, that was needed, true, at extra charge. For a surcharge, the battery could even phone charge. The food is delicious and varied, again preparing the same local. Very lively and interested guys! They tried to buy us our weather station, breakwater, campaign ended – home, why is it you. However, on reflection, we left it to himself, this thing is necessary, and field tested in the five-plus, More will come in handy for future adventures.

And our campaign really took on “Hooray!”. Impressions last long. It left many fascinating photos on the memory, gravity and grief forgotten and now warm the soul dawn pictures, incredible species, alien plants, and of course we are tired, but happy. Welcome Amsterdam!

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