Unusual destinations: Chernobyl

With the growth of population welfare requirements change and the tastes of a pastime while on vacation. Twenty years ago, "diving" and "kayaking" was new and obscure words, and now fans of travel they are already tired of seeing. Therefore, more and more tour operators appears every year, which offer a unique holiday, unlike all the other types of.

One of the most popular alternative and unusual holiday is a Ukrainian town of Chernobyl. The main purpose of the tour will visit almost destroyed the nuclear power plant. The fare is around two hundred dollars US. Next in popularity are extreme tours (living in a primitive village or "vacation" in this prison), a trip to Antarctica and other exotic, against which an African safari just fades.

Chernobyl can be attributed to one of the most recognizable places in the territory of the former USSR, thanks to one of the most famous man-made disasters in the history of mankind. At the moment the zone abandoned by humans, but due to the nature of passed in pristine condition in these areas.

In the first years after the accident, the flora and fauna of Chernobyl suffered greatly from the division of products of radioactive elements (uranium). Towards the nineties radionuclides impact on animals is somewhat weakened, so they penetrated deep into the soil and become less dangerous. Late effects of radiation has decreased slightly. Another favorable factor was the absence of human influence and its economic activity on the world. Due to the absence of people in the territory of Chernobyl there were bears, lynx, wolves, Przewalski horses and livestock has increased several times. Even in the cooling pond, a whole population of catfish, that tourists are happy to feed rolls. Catching and eating a fish can not, as the radionuclide content is very high in it.


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