Several extreme places on Earth

Several extreme places on EarthWhen diving bored in the Red Sea, and hiking trails Crimea proceed up and down, a desire to visit places, which are able to impress even the most experienced traveler, Best Deals in Prague. on site.

The first place you can safely be called the Himalayas, including the main peak - Mount Everest. Of course, conquer Everest - it is difficult even for professional climbers, but the journey to Tibet is a great experience without climbing on eightthousander. Fans of dangerous roads and passes will appreciate Semo La road, whose height is more than 5500 m. Remarkably, it is passable for vehicles.

If you want to go to the most remote and difficult places, be sure to visit the archipelago of Tristan da Cunha. The population of the largest island is no more than 300 человек. The nearest land is at a distance of more than three thousand kilometers.

Another place, which attracts adventurers, It belongs to the Ethiopian Danakil desert. The heat in these parts reaches "fifty degrees", under the feet of the volcano is located, a pair of sulfur poisoning much air. tribes, living in the desert is very unfriendly and can kill anyone for profit.

Notorious enjoys Forest of Suicides (Aokigahara), located in the vicinity of Mount Fuji. Recent 50-60 years here ended their lives more 500 человек (according to official data). As a result, the forest got a bad name, and his gloomy thicket is under scrutiny of local authorities.

If you really want to tickle your nerves, it is recommended to visit Mount Huashan in China. Trail, lined by ancient hermits through the pass, It is very narrow and it is possible to go on with great difficulty and at great risk to life.

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