Unfamiliar Albania

unfamiliar ALBANIA

Албания- balkanskaya country, which consist neighbors Greece and Montenegro. this country has a lot of time has been isolated, and so few people realize about its rich culture and fascinating beauty of nature. The local people are very hospitable, which is reflected in the delicious food, quite affordable prices for permits and polite respect to any expressed interest in their homeland.

Activities in Albania
During the summer,, which lasts from early summer to late October, Russian tourists are allowed to enter without a visa for up to 30 days. At other times, the visa required.
Between the cities of this country has railway communication. Although the Albanian train can not be called comfortable, но, venturing on a journey, you will not regret, t. к. during all the way you will be accompanied by a magnificent panorama.
1295433641_gribok_mThe climate is pleasant in Albania, Mediterranean: dry, warm summers and very cold winters. The average temperature reaches midsummer 32 градусов, at the beginning of the winter ranges from +8 до -10. Hot summer on the coast just transferred, t. к. with the sea breeze blowing constantly. The season for tourists begins in May and ends sentyabrёm. Sunny weather is in Albania 300 days, in March and November, pouring rain. In the area of ​​the mountains of Albania colder weather- winter is up -20 градусов.
a huge number of shops, selling souvenirsIn many cities of the country, in particular in Tirana, there is a huge number of stores, selling souvenirs, and markets, where you can find creations of local artisans, national product. Famous souvenirs- Gizmos, made mainly arms: фарфор, work of cabinetry, embroidery and more. From drinking should take note of local vodka from grapes- ” raki ” and cognac under the name ” Skanderbeg “.
Due to the four hundred years of Ottoman rule, kitchen Albania- the successor to the Turkish customs. Of prefer mutton meat, in restaurants you can taste pastries, of beverages- cotton. There is also very fond of vegetables and cheeses.

On the territory of Albania, excellent beaches and clear sea. If we compare Albania and its neighbors, the first wins, the fact that the holiday cost is lower and the quality of the nature of the above. In addition to passive beach holiday, here you can relax and cultural. In Albania, many historically significant sites, medieval castles, and it is worth noting the inimitable natural beauty of the state. Most popular among tourists from all over the world, Albania can compete with a country, how England. Albania has to offer, you will learn from this article, and about the attractions of London here www.londonlove.ru.

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  1. What a beauty! What is not an alternative to the usual Turkey. I immediately wanted to go to Albania, the Bole, I have never been there. miserably, that in the winter there is also cold, next tourist season starts in May. I would like to know more about house prices and Entertainment, as well as the most interesting tourist sites, how to reach them. Do I need a visa to Albania? Возможно, summer is to gather.

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