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Bear hunting on oats from Labasa

Usually, Bears live in mixed or coniferous forests, which should be considered for the successful capture of the beast. Bear hunting in the oats with a warehouse - the most common method of hunting on the animal.

Preparing for the hunt

This method is based on hunting bears love for oats and similar to him cultures. Often these animals after coming out of hibernation like to eat these cereals.

For such a hunt need to find a field of oats, located next to the forest. It is also possible autographic arrangement of small fields, sowed spring crops.

It is important to fulfill three basic conditions:
1. prepare your weapons

2. Conveniently dressed with the visual and noise masking (here you can choose hunting suits all sizes, including large )

3. Equip in advance a storage shed on a tree or a tower - a special place, where the hunter can wait for the beast.

Construction of a warehouse

Equip this facility is necessary before the start of the hunting season, because the bear is very easy to scare off.

Labaz represents the structure of the tree, which allows the hunter to be on 3-4 meters above the ground. In this way, the most practical and easiest option shelter arrangement is its location on the trees. beams used for the construction of a warehouse, the sun and the earth,.

During the construction of a warehouse it is necessary to take into account the following factors:

  • Direction of the wind;
  • Possible locations of the beast living in the forest, where hunting is planned;
  • good review;
  • Convenience for the hunter;
  • It is also desirable to choose a quiet place to provide camouflage hunter position.

It is also important to check, whether wild animals on a field of oats. Footprints in the field and eating spring crops can give the population of bears in the area.

Костюм Горка 7 (Сумрак) Флис А-ТаксListed below are some of the nuances of hunting bear on oats:

  • can not talk, make noise, use any things, that smell, which can scare off the animal;
  • Firing is preferably carried bear on a distance, equal 15-20 meters. The maximum shooting distance is 40 m;
  • If the animal has been wounded, can not immediately approach him;
  • Pursue a wounded animal leaving only need the morning, and accompanied by a dog must be. You should also take into account the likelihood, that the predator could hide nearby.

How to dress

Clothes for hunting bear in the oats with a warehouse should be as user-friendly, not to hinder the movements of the hunter in, make no characteristic odor. Some hunters also recommended to rub the clothes branches of conifers.

Equipment should not rustle, since bears sharpened hearing. Hunting gear, it is desirable to wear camouflage colors for better masking. It is excluded as the presence on the clothes of brilliant elements, which can scare off the beast. Choose clothing here

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