HuntingHunting is one of the most ancient forms of recreation for humans. Of course in this case the animals are not particularly happy to such a person to engage in active addiction for the rest killing of other animals, but nothing can be done. The hunt is important is not the act of killing, but more excitement, the desire to win the competition with the other participants in the hunt, as well as the special atmosphere during the hunt. Occupation hunting emerged in humans is not from a sense of beauty, or in an effort to compete with other people, and a greater degree of despair. After all, people do not appear at the same time supermarkets, where you can buy everything you need for power. Between the appearance of shops and the emergence of hunting time has passed, and very long, and during this long period people hunted in order, to at least survive. Now, where you can buy everything in the store, anything, hunting became a sport, the active form of recreation for many hunters. You can even say so, that hunting is necessary to get sick, to really love this type of holiday. It does not roll your bike, bought in a neat little shop, and neat streets of the morning ride, thereby relaxing and physically, and morally. Hunting requires full human impact, there are no weak, Only then there is opposition, and one might think, that confront each other man and beast. In fact, the confrontation in the hunt takes place between man and man, Competition creates thirst to kill, but the main thing is still in the hunt are not killing animals, but rather some kind of internal tensions, the desire for unity with nature. And yet people are always trying to stress, that trying to own nature. In such circumstances, the hunt develops personality, and physical, and spiritually, and at the same time it develops a sense of beauty.

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