Okunevskaya anomaly (Omsk region.) I – part

Okunevskaya anomaly (Omsk region.) I - part

В 300 kilometers from Omsk, among the numerous swamps once is an unknown, and today the famous village Okunevo. Not far away are five lakes, filled, according to local legend, dead and living water. According to one legend Okunevskaya edge of many thousands of years ago, when on the territory of Siberia it was still warm tropical climate, in these places was located the ancient Aryan city of Hanuman, which is then sucked silt and sand Shaitan-lake. Therefore, the Okunevo his sacred Shaitan-lake stretches an endless crowd of Hindu pilgrims. Впрочем, Lake is considered curative, and representatives of other religions. In Okunevo constantly traveling from all over Siberia, Urals and even from central Russia for the healing of countless illnesses - from the common cold to complex cancer and cirrhosis of the liver.

And residents of the nearby areas, and tourists argue visited here, that the water of the lakes is not spoiled, even if it will stand for more than one year, so few leaves Okuneva single plastic water bottles, despite the fact that the inhabitants of the village itself suffer from at least the rest of the Russians. Впрочем, assure themselves okunevtsy, such is the Shaitan-lake and it heals the, who made a pilgrimage to it, rather than those, who resides on its shores. The lake is genuine interest among researchers of anomalous phenomena, and though something unusual too near the Shaitan-lake, or Shaitan-Devi, the name of its residents, yet there was no documented, stories and tales about the strangeness of pilgrims Okunev areas is more than enough. So in the 2000s went to the lake, another group of pilgrims from faraway India.
**Most scientists believe, that feeling of anxiety, fear, general depressed mood, which often occur in people in the anomalous zones, due to the impact on the body of infrared waves with frequency fluctuations 6 Hz and less. Prolonged exposure to infrasound in humans can occur blindness, will hallucinate, and possible death. Therefore places, where low frequency vibrations generated, should leave as soon as possible.
Since they had a map and a compass, by which they are guided in the way. They knew, and the approximate distance from the village to the lake, the Shaitan, which is seven to eight kilometers and passes through pretty overgrown forest paths. To be continued …

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