Okunevskaya anomaly (Omsk region.) II – part


Ordinary travelers overcome this way for an hour, if you are a fast pace, or half, if not particularly in a hurry. However, under the provisions of the passage of time the pilgrims were not able to go to the lake, Then they began looking for him in local neighborhoods, thought, that accidentally slightly deviated from the route. However, neither in an hour, or two or even five, they have not been able to find water. Then the Indians decided not to panic and go back to the village Okunevo, then the compass and the navigator went to the village. completely exhausted, они, on its own data, about seven hours back to the starting point of his departure. However, the owners house, where pilgrims lodged, inquired with surprise, why the Indians have not gone to the Shaitan-lake and returned to Midway. In response to the stories about the long lake searching for hours amazed locals told them, that since the release of the group from the village to their country of return had only been back a maximum of twenty minutes, and showed them the proof of the clock. The group of pilgrims was immense confusion, but the locals just laughed at them and said,, that such a walk in the woods in their territories are not uncommon, and each time, when the sky is tightened in the morning with heavy purple clouds, residents prefer better to stay home and not go into the woods or, or lake. And the lake is not all takes in a first time, check people, their thoughts and intentions.

И правда, when the same group of Indians went to the lake a few days later, she found him at the specified coordinates in a designated place.
It occurs at the lake and other strange things. Так, made to local residents at the lake pictures path is clearly visible, trodden unknown to them being with his feet a little less than a meter in length. We should start as unexpectedly, as well as broken off, while they could not imitate. The whole area around these tracks covered with thick snow, but it was not clear, as they left himself the owner of such huge limbs, and with a similar magnitude of birds paws in these places is not usual.
Впрочем, в последнее время, when the secrets of Shaitan-lake began to attract many tourists to itself, They began to be those, who saw live a mysterious creature and even found its habitat. To be continued …

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  1. We live there. accustomed, not pay attention.

  2. People get used to everything. We are here constantly shakes. And also used to. Already we do not pay attention

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