The orientation of the local features and objects

The orientation of the local features and objectsEach tourist must know how to navigate the terrain, because sometimes it affects their lives and the lives of his family, friends, companions. There are several ways orienteering, some of which we now consider. Do not forget to bring moschny LED Flashlight, with it will make it easier to navigate the terrain in the dark.

1. the first way - on the polar star. Everyone knows still at school, that the polar star in spite of everything is located in the north and due to its position does not change your location even when the earth's rotation around its axis, but to find it you need to do the following:

• Locate the constellation Ursa Major(It consists of seven stars and looks like a ladle)
• two rightmost star need to draw an imaginary line
• postpone 5 equidistant between the extreme stars

After these steps, without any problems, you can find the North Star.

2. second ability orientation of the sound. If there is near a highway or railroad tracks, you need to go to their sound, in fact it may be the only chance to find your way home if you do not, at least in a crowded place. Get home from crowded places much easier, than from the forest!

3. The third way - on the anthill. Typically, the ants make their homes so, The northern side of the ant hill is steeper, and the south-smooth.

4. A fourth method of orientation - on the moon. Around midnight local time, usually there is a full moon on the southern, growing in the west, and decreasing the east. Determine what the moon is very simple. You just have to submit the letter p, and if the month can be entered in the letter p, the moon rising, if not - on the contrary.

5. You can still navigate by the sun and watch. To do this, you need to send a small hand of the clock on the sun, and between the arrow and the number one draw the line it will show to the south. But we must not forget, that should divide the left corner before the hour of the day, and after -rules.

Of course, hiking is always good to take a compass, because I do not know, you may find yourself in a situation, they can be so extreme, that can not do without a compass.

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