Features installation of security surveillance systems in the office

Features installation of security surveillance systems in the office

Nearly all CEOs are trying to protect the office staff and located in the premises of the property, documents including. To this end, and set a variety of video surveillance systems. But in this case there is one feature or item, which should be carried out. Without exception, all employees must be informed, that will be carried out surveillance and give their written consent to do so.

Only in this case, according to current legislation, It can be installed CCTV. Doing so carries a notification nature and provides information about all, what's happening within range of cameras. View the information is usually possible both in real-time via the Internet connection, and at the expiration of some period of time, since it is stored on the server.

Mounting and installation of video surveillance systems carried out in accordance with the owner of the office and taking into account characteristics of the premises, its sizes and layouts. Set in an office CCTV system can be, using a ready-made set of equipment, which includes a certain number of cameras and associated equipment. You can also pick up all the ingredients separately, if required by the object area.

Installation of security surveillance systems allows to solve several problems.

  • Control of persons, visit the office. The goal - to prevent the penetration of the private area of ​​unwanted visitors.
  • Detection of violations on the part of employees and visitors.
  • The ability to control labor discipline among employees.

Installation of CCTV in the office - enough time-consuming process in terms of the law. Covert video surveillance management is strictly prohibited, since it violates human rights. There are other items, that the office holder must comply. Before, как install video surveillance in the office, you need to take care of the employees consent. After installing the cameras should be placed signs, informing visitors of their presence. Naturally, do not install the camera in locations, a dressing room, toilet or shower. You can not use the information for personal use.

Most current video surveillance system for the office is a network monitoring. It provides information far beyond the borders of the protected object with the help of internet connection.

In the online store are different types of equipment, that allows you to choose the best fit for a particular object.

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