Saona island

cozy island, located in the south-eastern part of the Dominican Republic - La Romana Province, It is part of the National Park del Este, protected by the government. In the Caribbean, washed by the Saone, no cold flow, gentle waters warm up to an incredibly comfortable temperatures. White sand spit; lonely palm, fancifully bent over the sea abyss; wilderness and wild fauna inhabitants - are the main advantages, luring tourists to the island expanses.

The island spread their meager possessions on 110 square kilometers, most of which - uninhabitable, with the exception of three fishing villages. At no Saone hotels and tourist infrastructure, but travelers on the scenic land deliver boats and catamarans. Beautiful azure lagoon with depth, no more than just one meter, It is the main attraction. A light breeze and freshness, wafting from the palm groves, complement the idyll.

A paradise was discovered by Columbus in the middle of the XV century, during the second expedition. At that time the island was inhabited by Taino Indians, which for centuries have tried to destroy the Spaniards. As a legacy of the ancient tribes remained unique rock art in a cave Kotubanama.

The island is bordered by coral reefs, so it is interesting for divers. Here you can find parrot fish, fish-urchin, stingrays, and some places are rich in sea stars.

The highlight of the Saône are outlandish mangroves, submitted 4 species. They constitute a row of trees and shrubs, adapted to the specific conditions of life. Unique plants live in areas, close to the coast, sometimes washed by waves. Looks so, if a forest grows out of the water. However, in the depths of the vegetation under the whole root system is designed, which they are building a house millions of tiny fishes and fingerlings.

Will please the eye and exotic local fauna - iguanas and turtles, manatees and dolphins. And in the warm shallow water, you can find a large number of sea stars in many colors and sizes. elegant storks, colorful green parrot, the ubiquitous gulls complement the ensemble.

Bezmyatezhnosty neobitaemogo island; Wildlife flavor; a delicious Creole lunch - become wonderful memories of visiting the Dominican National Reserve - Saona Island.

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