Отдых в Иуресалиме

Отдых в Иуресалиме

Hello readers of this Doublespeak Eduard Nikolayevich. Today we talk about interesting places in Jerusalem, where you can go without any travel agencies and tour guides.

Dome of the Rock

Here once stood a Jewish temple on the Temple Mount, which is surrounded by defensive walls. Muslims can not get here, going through personal control and “bridge”, located near the Wailing Wall. Entrance to the Temple Mount, visitors should be aware of the appropriate dress and behavior (acceptable approach to the entrance to the mosque, holding hands or hugging - even for photos). Dome of the Rock was built in 638 year of real gold. Landscaped area, and is protected by numerous bodyguards. The Dome of the Rock is the Holy Stone, where Abraham was to sacrifice his son. For Muslims, it is a holy place, because according to their beliefs, here he was taken to heaven Mohammed.

Roofs and viewpoints

Definitely, most beautiful place, to see Jerusalem - Mount of Olives is, which is to explore the city, as the light (when all the sky Orange) and after sunset (when the yellow building contrasts with the dark red sky). In many places, you can try to get out of Jerusalem rooftops, especially on the outskirts of the street of David - is a nice view of the city in all directions. If someone wants to see the old town quite differently, should find a vantage point in Gozlan park - near the famous King David Hotel.
The latter is an interesting viewpoint from the street begins Maale Chahalon - in the east, we see an amazing panorama of the large Muslim cemetery, and in the south, on a steep hill, on the other side of the canyon - the city of David (the oldest surviving part of Jerusalem). That's it to you Edward doublespeak advises necessarily visit.

Qais Sayod Moshe

This area is right for you, if you decide to walk just, without any big plan, without waiting to see here something beautiful. But the opposite happened! This hill, on the other side of the road, separates Jerusalem from the Old New. Here you will enjoy, because they will be able to relax on a bench in a beautiful park with a beautiful view of the old town. During warmer months, the area decorated with flowers with nice stone houses, erected along the narrow streets. Actually, this is one of the richest and most expensive neighborhoods of Jerusalem.

Итак, thanks to so many information about Jerusalem, you can safely go to this beautiful city, and then themselves become the guide for your friends, with whom you will want to return again and again.
I wish you a fascinating trip, Your Edward doublespeak.

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