Holidays in Sukhumi

Holidays in Sukhumi

Hospitable Abkhazia is famous for its sunny capital, resort town of Sukhumi, having a 25-century history. It covers the coast of the Gulf of Sukhumi. The climate of this wonderful resort is very soft, as the ridge of the Caucasus high mountain ranges protect it from the cold. In coastal boarding can obtain effective treatment of many ailments, due to the healing mineral springs. The city is surrounded by green oleander, eucalyptus and palm trees, therefore it can rightly be called a large exotic park.

Sukhumi - a cosmopolitan city. Besides, in it there are three temples of different religions: Orthodox, Lutheran and Catholic and other. This so-called quarter tolerance, and the residents are very proud of them.

Sukhumi provides a lot of options in different price categories, for tourists. This pension, mini-hotels, motels and hotels, and hotel complexes. The most famous hotel is a "Ritz".


The subtropical climate creates ideal conditions for such a long duration of the swimming season - from May to October. Throughout the coast, over 10 kilometers, Beach area stretches of sand and pebbles. If you want entertainment, it is better to relax on comfortable and crowded central beaches. There are organized ski on all kinds of water transport. For the most daring have the opportunity to fly on a parachute, admiring the sea surface. Water attractions for adults and children, diving - all this can be found here. there are "wild" beaches for lovers of privacy, where very few tourists and you can spend a relaxing holiday in the company of his family.


His first steps in Sukhumi study should start from the quay Muhajirs. This is where the "heart" of the seaside town, a favorite vacation spot of tourists and residents. This scenic area will reveal the secrets of the city's history, because there are concentrated many architectural monuments and sights Sukhumi. Nearby are two large republic theater.

One of the historical sights can be admired, if you walk from the seafront promenade to the Muhajirs Dioskuorov. fragments of the walls of the fortress are Sukhum Here, served as a fortification. Part of the building went under water due to the tectonic shifts. Now the castle is the subject of excavations.

Over 30 hectares occupied by the famous, extensive Sukhumi botanical garden.

Sukhumi botanical garden.

Fifty plant habitat of the oldest garden Caucasus connected shaded paths for tourists.

Sukhumi Botanical sad.Pyatdesyat plant habitats oldest garden Caucasus connected shaded paths for tourists

Visitors can admire the unique plants, such as a huge linden-survivor, thickets of laurel, citrus and olive trees, magnolias and many other specimens of flora. Here, along with the children can observe several species of monkeys in the nursery.

Avenue Leon Abkhazian State Museum located. Its collections contain many unique historical values, ethnographic and archaeological areas. The museum is still engaged in the search for new items to replenish its numerous collections. In the garden of the museum you can see an ancient dolmen eshersky.

Over the mountains and valleys from the River to the Inguri Kelasur, for 160 км, stretches a truly massive and unique structure - Kelasur or Great Abkhazian Wall. It was built to defend against the attack of the northern tribes of the Caucasus.

Cape Gumista Sukhumi is high lighthouse 37 m. If you climb up, you can see the whole grand panorama of the sea, the city and its districts.

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Hospitable Abkhazia is famous for its sunny capital, resort town of Sukhumi

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