Relax in the velvet season

Relax in the velvet season

The beginning of autumn for most people will be just the perfect season. It is the period popularly called "velvet". leisure facilities and really become as soft and gentle. Dropping the usual summer swelter, but it is an acceptable temperature is maintained. This is especially true for the Mediterranean resorts, but no less important for the Sochi resort, eg, Adler –, one of the most pristizhnyh Sochi Raynov, It has everything for a perfect holiday: sea, snow-capped mountains, natural attractions, as well as entertainment centers.

In one version of its name velvet season he was with a light hand of the Empress Catherine, who loved to rest in the Crimea in early autumn. All ladies, Following its example, just went to the sea at this time of year. And since the velvet at the time was the most popular material for dresses, the holiday season on the Black Sea became known as velvet.

Velvet season is ideal for people, having heart and blood pressure problems. heat subsides, The sun was hot not so much and you can not worry about the risk of getting sunstroke or burns.

The main advantage of rest in this time of year - the lack of a large number of tourists. A great many have already arrived from holidays, children ended vacations, so that the beach is dominated by the silence and grace.

Besides the advantages listed above, on vacation in the fall can help you save, in fact, many tour operators at that time reduced prices for tours.

Итак, where you can go? The original meaning the term "velvet season" applies to the south and west Crimean. He will please lovers of native banks of decline in housing prices and products. But with the fall of the eastern side of the peninsula has not rested, because here at this time begin the cool flow.

Ideal for autumn holiday will suit Bulgaria. beautiful beaches, lapped by the warm waters so tempting for children and adults. Accommodation in guesthouses and hotels at this time cheaper approximately twice. However, it should be remembered, that heat is retained in Bulgaria to about the middle of September.

The popular resorts of Cyprus, Italy and Greece will delight its guests with a warm climate to about the middle of October. Well organized tourism infrastructure able to satisfy even the most capricious and captious client.

If you want to spend the velvet season in Turkey, but then, Alas, not be able to save. The price tag for housing and services are held until mid-October. A late autumn weather in Turkey is not stable.

Egypt vacation autumn poorly suited simply because, that the velvet season here starts much later - in early October.

In Croatia, a warm autumn climate pleases tourists a relatively short time - with the last week of August and September. but, If swimming in the sea is not a priority, it can be quite a nice rest here. Croatia's climate will suit everyone.

To rest in the velvet season to go overboard? First of all, young people will be disappointed, preferring to night clubs and disco bars. At this time, most of these places of entertainment closed for the off-season. Lovers of active sports entertainment velvet season, too, will not work, tk. Many entertainment centers and water parks are closed. Many families with children also do not have to evaluate the benefits of the autumn holiday, tk. children go to school.

Итак, who is the velvet season fit perfectly? Above all, this young childless couples, Tourists single and different creative types, came to rest not only the body, but the soul.

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