Lake Ivachevskoe (Cherepovets) I-I of the

Lake Ivachevskoe(Cherepovets) 1

Small lake Ivachevskoe, located at 3 km east of Cherepovets, long been popularly infamous. Whether this is due to the proximity of dangerous to human Cherepovets wetlands or lake, located in the middle of the swamp Borisov, itself has anomalous properties, while it is not clear until the end. However, the, that bad information about this lake arose not yesterday and not today, and existed more than a hundred years ago, It calls him a strong interest of tourists and researchers of anomalous phenomena.
locals, although enthusiastically tell old tales and legends, Attributed to this pond indissoluble link with devilish force, However, they enjoy visiting it, in the winter time, to ride around on skis, and summer, to mushroom and berry picking.

As a result of its high attendance of the people has been simmering rumor about an annual loss in the Lake District at least five people. However, what really happened to them, whether they failed in the swamp or under the ice, and the missing in principle - to say definitely no one can. The first rumors about a strange lake near Cherepovets appeared in the nineteenth century. locals thought, that lives in the lake unknown beast, that terrible howling at night, and their howling drives people crazy.

In another popular giving, already arisen in 20 century, near the lake picking berries young girl with her fiance, for whom he is going to soon get married. The day was hot and she decided to take a dip. However, she had only to enter the water and swim a few meters, it is not known from where the water came a snag, girl's hair tangled in the dry branches, and the tree with the young bride has gone to the bottom. The bridegroom came to the lake and found his bride only thing on the shore. After that, no matter how much he did not try to establish their family life, with all his wives and did not get along - all recalled first love, drowned in the damn lake.

In a word, mysterious lake generates no less strange rumors and excite interest in this small but most unremarkable pond, some hundreds in Vologda. But this is what the researchers and witnesses, Lake itself was formerly a deep, however much became shallow over time. But, despite the absence of significant depths, a strong wind Powerful wave rises on the lake, which is capable of easily overturn the boat. To be continued …

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