Lake Ivachevskoe (Cherepovets) II-nd part

Lake Ivachevskoe(Cherepovets) 2

On the banks of the lake grow strange trees, trunks are strongly curved or shaped S, or grow at all in the horizontal plane parallel to the ground. In this case, bend them in such a position was just a nobody and nothing. The trees themselves are surrounded by a sufficiently strong windbreak, through which no man, nor beast will not pass. At the same time a kind of jungle create a protective veil and a strong wind.

No visible external factors, can bend tree trunks, makes one think of a possible magnetic anomalies in the zone, and which has an effect on the growth of trees, or on existing georazlome in the Lake District, which leads to gravitational anomalies this location. However, this strangeness does not end Ivachevskogo lake.

According to statistics,, Cherepovets is the highest percentage in the country of birth of twins. Scientists can not explain, what has caused such a deviation from the norm. However, children's municipal gardens, there are special groups of twins, hospitals often find doctors twins, in which patients are treated - and also twins.
According to some reports of local residents, around it is better not to collect any berries, no mushrooms - delicious edible plants in the vicinity of the anomalous zone turn into poisonous and cause serious poisoning. Locals tend to explain this Ledum, which covered the lake neighborhood, but it is possible, that's what this place is shown anomaly.

Lake Ivachevskoe(Cherepovets) IIchast ...

Wherein, the descriptions of eyewitnesses, poisoning manifested unusual, deep, like a "drunk" sleep, in which you fail and do not remember anything. neither temperature, or digestive disorders, or other signs of intoxication does not occur - the person simply loses power, He feels dizzy and collapses on the bed. About, that blueberries near Lake has such intoxicating, We knew in the old days, Therefore, until recently, residents of Cherepovets considered inedible berries.

Besides, All who visited the lake in the summer marked general deterioration - sharply a headache, there is a weakness in the body, felt auditory and visual hallucinations. maybe, swamp or lake nearby emit poisonous gas or so acts on the human decay products, probably, it is this terrible gas and peat fire in the dry summer was caused by 1972 of the year, when fumes from peat bogs and in fact has caused an increase in mortality in Cherepovets.

One thing is clear - this place deserves the most careful study by experts of anomalous phenomena, are either completely refuted rumors prevalent in the population about the danger for a mere mortal, lurking in the lake, or conclusively confirm his anomalous properties.

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