Overlapping of the openings in the hollow walls

Overlapping of the openings in the hollow walls

To be able to build a structure on the wall above the door opening, this opening must be closed jumper wider opening, and ends it should be based on the brickwork on both sides of the opening. Appointment jumper - to keep the weight of the masonry above the opening and distribute the load on both sides of masonry, based on which the ends of the bridge.
In the old residential buildings openings overlap with a concrete factory jumpers, or jumpers, cast in place. In more recent buildings around the top opening is erected wooden or metal formwork, and it is filled with a concrete mixture, forming a bridge. In both cases, the bottom of the bridge will be steel reinforcement bars, to compensate for the instability of the concrete under stress. There, where concrete bridges in use today, they are all, without exception, factory, as casting concrete on site it requires a lot of time and this leads to delay construction.
Concrete bridges are trying not to use the outer walls of new houses, because they have several drawbacks:
• concrete bridges compared to steel are more expensive, and harder to raise;
• in concrete bridges bad insulating properties, lead to condensation on the inner surface around the top of the window opening;
• concrete bridges do not prevent rainwater "trodden path" to the interior surface;
• concrete bridges are available only in a limited range of sizes;
• they can not cover the very wide openings;
• they are not very attractive to look at.
To prevent moisture from entering the cavity is arranged on top of the bridge waterproofing chute, directing all of the water in the cavity of the outer wall. The trough is created by using a piece of cardboard, wherein the front paperboard edge seam is located horizontally on the outer wall of masonry cavity wall directly above the crosspiece. Cardboard is folded up, forming an inclined surface in the cavity, and its rear edge is embedded in the upstream joint block masonry cavity wall inner wall. The length of the cardboard should be sufficient, to sign the chute into the cavity, speaking for each edge of the jumpers at least 150 mm. In this way, Cardboard should be of the same length, that jumper, a plus 300 mm. The trough special plugs or inserts can be provided; in this case it is not required to continue his jumper edge.
In places, where much rain falls, and especially if you are using the complete filling of the cavities with insulating material, there is a requirement to ensure the gutter cavity of jumpers special inserts or plugs. The trough should not be left open there, where it passes near the ends of the bar in the cavity. Width of cardboard, used to create the cavity trough, It will partly depend on the width of the cavity, but in order to ensure proper sealing of cardboard into each wall cavity wall, usually enough width 450 mm.
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