In recent years, gaining increasing popularity hiking. Travel fever apply to people of all ages and professions. Tourist attract fans transitions routes of varying difficulty and length. Hiking - it is not just a romantic evening with a guitar by the campfire, discovering new beauties and proximity of nature, but worthy way to keep in shape. Hiking allows you to swing your leg muscles, strengthens the back, trains endurance and normalizes breathing. However, the transition to long distances (more than 10-15 km) require pre-athletic training and good health.

In preparation for the campaign, It should take into account a number of important points: what to pack and how to pack a backpack; what should be the power on the eve of the campaign; how to adjust a backpack; how to choose clothes for a hike. It is at the stage of preparation to march many beginners make serious mistakes.

Newcomers need to be evaluated every kilogram. According to the rules when filling in things heavy objects are placed in a backpack, first at the bottom and closer to the back. This is done, so that the backpack does not outweigh, and did not pull back. It is very important to adjust the backpack for a uniform load distribution on the back.

The choice of hiking clothes, even a novice understand, that preference is given to sports style. Wherein, If the campaign is carried out even in the summer time, Clothing should cover the skin completely, protecting from sunburn. Presence necessarily headdress. Better wear shoes already worn-with thick soles. These recommendations apply to campaigns with a medium difficulty routes. For extreme routes are possible significant adjustments.

The first campaign for the novice backpacker is always tentative. It is impossible to account for all the details and to predict every nuance, so after the campaign should be to analyze errors and eliminate them in the future.

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