Paintball - interesting sports adventure

Paintball - interesting sports adventurePaintball in Moscow without exaggeration be called a game for the most motivated and very temperamental people, which is not alien feeling of extreme. Now this game is becoming more well-known and widespread. It is remarkable the fact, teams may consist of people of different ages and body, game, men can participate equally, women and children.

Physical exercise, leisure, interesting entertainment - all perfectly combined in one game. At the same time, it educates and develops the participants the spirit of mutual support and a sense of community. Paintball - a great opportunity to test the physical form, show ingenuity and persistence. It was in this game, participants demonstrate the ability to act in an emergency.

The game is played in an open area, timber or any other site. In peytbole special weapons used, so-called pneumatic marker, which shoots small balls. The gelatin shell of each ball is safe, soluble paint. The meaning of the game is, to take possession of the flag, initially located in the middle of the field, and then try to fix it on the basis of the enemy. Together with that, important “pick” the maximum number of opponents of the opposing team.

The players should have special vests, gloves, masks, kneepad and nalokotniki. Paint, affects players, absolutely harmless and easily satisfied with this content. It is believed to have withdrawn from the game struck shot party, on clothing which formed the size of a spot in the five-ruble coin. Also, the game can remove members for violation of the rules and stay out of bounds.

Peytbol very clear game with simple rules. It does not require special training of the participants. Besides, it can be considered, as an adventure and a way to get rid of aggression and everyday stresses. The game is absolutely safe, it is not permissible physical contact between members of teams. It is not necessary to equate it to violence, In this game no more “war”, than in biathlon. Paintball wonderful people splachyvaet, It brings a sense of leadership, distract teenagers from the street.

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