Why popular saunas in Finland

Why popular saunas in Finland

Finland - a small country with a population of only 5,3 million people. However, in this small country there are more than 3 million saunas and baths.

According to statistics, majority of Finns go to the sauna at least once a week or even more often, in those cases, when visiting in the summer house in the suburbs it is part of the family tradition and is an integral part of Finnish culture, as well as the mandatory weekly pastime. Finns are very fond of bathing and sauna can be found throughout Finland: offices, in factories, in fitness centers and hotels; and two thirds of the population – sauna available in homes, home.

According to the basic rules visits Finnish sauna, it is impossible to eat or drink, as well as discuss the work. Besides, you can not wear any clothes, and even bathing suits: man must be naked.

In past, in the early 20 century, Finns dug holes in the ground and piled back already heated the stones of fire. When the hot stones poured on water, appeared couples, known as "loyly" or in Russian "leyulyu". This Finno-Ugric word, It is applied in the Finnish language for more than 6 thousands of years. It is believed, that every sauna a "loyly" and better "loyly", more pleasant sauna.

Several distinct types of saunas. smoke ("Black") often common in rural areas. They are heated by a wood burning. Once the room is sufficiently warmed up, give fire die out and ventilate the room, letting the smoke escape through a hole in the ceiling. Today, however, the more popular electric, where you have to just include electric oven an hour before the visit to the steam room. this option, of course, safer.

So why are saunas popular in Finland?

At first, it is an old custom and are used to it from childhood.

Secondly, Bath gives the body the purity, health, peace of mind and emotional impression. Many people believe, what sauna visit It supports the spirit of man, because it is useful for health and body, and in general makes people happier. Finnish proverb says: "If the sick person does not cure the resin, spirits or sauna, he shall die ". Besides, is a great way to relieve stress and reduce both moral, and physical stress.

If you go to Finland, do not miss the opportunity to go to their real relaxing steam room in a house near the forest lake. maybe, you will be able to reveal the secret of the popularity of this tradition the Finns!

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