Buy carp rod

Buy carp rod

Buy carp rod in Ukraine

In the arsenal of fishermen all the time increases the number of tricks, gear and baits for a successful catch of different species of fish. And it's not only a variety of baits, but the rod. Each type of gear has its own specifics and purpose. Exactly carp rod, buy is a must, It is t

Features Carp rods

Fisherman carp anglers can be armed with an arsenal of gear. And each of them will need it. Depending on the function, you will need to perform the rod, there are three types of:

  • working;

  • marker;

  • spod.

Spodovoe, or rocket, rod is designed to "start" groundbait rockets and balloons. Designed for heavy weight throw missiles (from 150 to 350 г) and at a distance 120 m.

Marker rods needed for probing the pond. An experienced fisherman with this gear will be able to find out the depth of, bottom topography, and even find the perfect place for carp bait. It has a very sensitive tip, vibration which can define the characteristics of the bottom.

operating rods, properly, and catch carp. They have their own classification, which has three main types:

  • Universal

The most common type of carp rods. Generally have an average build, but can also have a quick. The maximum weight throw-load - 120 gram, Throw-away - to 140 m. Convenient to use in virtually all fishing conditions.

  • Easy

Best suited for fishing in small ponds of stagnant water. This rod with slowly builds and short test.

  • Heavy

These rods are characterized by their strength and power, since they are designed for heavy loads. They are fast and ultra-fast operation rod, and a big test. These rods are intended for fishing on the river with a swift current.

The carp also perfect feeder rod, which includes a trough. This kind of carp tackle you can catch almost any body of water. The important thing to remember, that the feeding carp will not go for too overgrown "complex" bottom, that can turn fishing into a continuous process of combating algae.

Before you buy expensive gear, Beginners should decide, for what purpose he needs to be one or the other gear. Seasoned fishermen are advised to start with the cost of fishing rods and go this way to the ideal carp rods to, because everything is relative and experience - is, that can not be bought for any money!


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