Buying property in Tenerife

Buying property in Tenerife

If you are carrying the purchase of real estate project abroad, the first thing, you will need – find a good translation agency, например, this, как на этом сайте, because all begin with correspondence. Write a good letter, prepare the necessary documentation, it is unlikely you will be a force without the knowledge of the language. Translation "Translation-Peter" – it is just the company, to help realize the dream, provide expert assistance in this matter.

A good option for the acquisition of real estate abroad, It can be called Spain, in particular Tenerife.

Tenerife – an attractive area of ​​Spain. This is the region of eternal summer, and the hot sun, smiles, good health and good mood, beautiful beaches and the hospitality of the local population.

Buy property in Tenerife is profitable for permanent residence, and selling raids, as well as profitable investments available funds (many people do). acquired house, an apartment, you can always profitable to, the more so because there is no seasonality in Tenerife, tourists come here all year round. Buy real estate here is simple, one will find an acceptable option for themselves. This you can easily and quickly make and cash, и, to get a loan for up to 35 лет, at a rate of 5%. All operations on the acquisition of real estate are carried out through bank.

Помимо того, that Tenerife – paradise on earth, where natural landscapes to conquer its fine and varied beauty once and for all, where there is no concept – foreigner, everyone comes here to get your, it is also an area of ​​low prices. The cheapest options for apartments are located in the southern town of Arona, как впрочем, and the most expensive, it all depends on the object. cheap apartments, of course, It is not located on the first line, but the way to the coast takes only a few minutes walk. By the way on the shore and it is not necessary to buy housing, as there is very high humidity and Clothing, underwear almost always stay wet.

More expensive real estate in another resort town of Adeje. This is a tremendous and a huge difference in price is due to a small number of objects offered for sale, and there are always a lot.

The most expensive housing in Santa Kruse – capital of Tenerife. Это и понятно, Here is concentrated the entire infrastructure, stormy island life, where everything is close to the European standards, many skyscrapers. However, there are also minuses – few good beaches, and then only on the south side.

The real estate market in Tenerife their acceptable and unacceptable conditions dictate mainly banks and their main weapon - mortgages. banking Real estate – This all options: apartments, home, chalet, villas.

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